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Big Game 2016: Cal fans, do we get the Axe back from Stanford?

What are your honest feelings about Stanford, and how is Cal taking back the Axe in 2016?

California v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Vincent S: I should probably sit this one out. I do think Cal wins this year though; Stanford is losing significant chunks of its offense, and Cal's O-line (assuming health) will be a strength of the team.

Avinash: The Big Game could have a lot of points on the board, and I do like that we're at home. Stanford's defense will be significantly worse than last year and I'm not buying them as a national title contender. They might win the Pac-12 but this is an eight to nine win squad from the looks of their road schedule and their quality of opponent.

On the other hand, if the Trees have even a half-decent quarterback, I do not know how we stop their offense with our defense. You need linebackers to beat Stanford. We have maybe two or three, and they all have to play well against he big uglies. They still have a tight end or two who can be disruptive, and then there's Christian McCaffrey. That's an offense that can run and grind the clock nonstop and keep the ball out of our hands if our defensive line doesn't come to play.

How do these matchups look to you? Do you see Cal having a decent shot at upsetting the Cardinal?

Andy Johnston: This is the year we take back the axe. Stanford will have a potent ground game which will be once again the focal point for our defense but are without incumbent non-factor Kevin Hogan. I think Cal can capitalize on offense by winning the battle in the trenches and using our improved running attack to improve our offensive balance. Each year since Sonny joined we have taken steps towards taking the axe back. Our staff is desperate for the axe and gaining a signature win over a California school, especially Snotfurd as my dad so lovingly puts it, would be a huge boon to our players.

Ruey Yen: This is Cal's best shot to win the Big Game in the past 4 years and it's about time that the Golden Bears liberate the Axe from 6 straight years of Stanfurd Tyranny. Unless the Stanford defense pulled another Brennan Scarlett from somewhere, I do like the Cal offense to finally break through against them. I will be realistic and concede that the Cal defense will probably make Christian McCaffrey look too good. Throw in the home field advantage, I think it will come down to a drive where Davis Webb can etch his name into The Big Game lore for years to come. Whether Webb can seize that opportunity is up to him.

Nik Jam: I expect Stanford to still be the thorn on the side of all of their Pac-12 opponents including us. We'll see how things go between now and November, the only way I can see a win is if they're underachieving this year AND/OR if Cal is playing way better than expected. Maybe it'll turn out our young linebacker core is really good?

Nick: I really wish David Shaw would be as bad at the aspects of his job that really matter (recruiting, game planning, skill development) as he is at the things that only occasionally matter (in-game strategy/decision making). More than that, I really wish Harbaugh never proved that Stanford could be a viable place for recruits to land. God I hate them