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2016 Football Roundtable: Cal vs. UCLA

UCLA is the final regular season game of 2016 for the Bears. Do you believe in the Bruin hype more or the Berkeley vortex screwing with the Bruins yet again?

California v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Vincent S: In the past, we've talked about how Cal seems to wilt at USCfor a variety of reasons (including but not limited to: friends and rivals on the opposing team, friends and family in the crowd, mystique, etc.). I wonder how much of UCLA's troubles in Berkeley have been caused by similar factors. Cal fans always get hyped for the UCLA game, and manyUCLA players (unfortunately) have been poached from the Bay Area. I'm not a fan of the fact that this game is on Thanksgiving--I think it'll help Thanksgiving attendance numbers (traditionally terrible), but I don't think the fans will be able to exert the same effect on the game.

Avinash: I think this is our best chance at an upset all season. UCLA will have played the entire South and likely clinched or come up short of a division title bid, so they will very likely have little to play. It's quite possible Jim Mora has one foot out the door, and Josh Rosen still has a lot of growing to do before he can be crowned college football's next big thing. I'm certainly not big on the Bruin hype, nor are most people, and for whatever reason UCLA brings their worst to Berkeley. It gives us a real chance to flex that homefield advantage and close the season on a high note against our little brothers.

What do you see Cal's path to victory looking like to beat the Bruins?

boomtho: I do believe we have a better chance of beating UCLA, despite the absolute ass-whooping they delivered to us last year. I think a large part of my optimism is because the game is Thanksgiving weekend and we've seen some weird late season performances from Mora UCLA teams. Like Avi mentioned I'm hoping they don't have much to play for either way.

Andy Johnston: Can we take a moment to appreciate the devastating scheduling of this game. The weekend of Thanksgiving break, holy smokes Pac-12 way to ruin my fun against our baby brothers. I am terrified of year two Josh Rosen and I still have images of him shredding our secondary. I am not convinced that Jim Mora can run a good program and expect that baby blues to start sobbing away with disappointment after another 8-4ish season. This is a winnable game at home as historically we always play UCLA tight at memorial. Let us not forget that garbage interception call that doomed us two years ago. In my opinion, this is the most winnable game for Cal against the California schools.

HydroTech: Maybe it's because the start of the college football season is only a few weeks away (at the time I write this), but I am feeling strangely optimistic about the UC Los Angeles game. Even though it's after Big Game, since UC Los Angeles is one of our California rivals, I don't think there will be a post-Big Game let down. I could see the team pulling out a gutty win against the baby bears. It should be interesting to see how Josh Rosen performs against a (hopefully) tougher Cal Bear defense this year.

Nik Jam: Hopefully the opponent being UCLA will help the attendance of our traditionally low-crowd Thanksgiving weekend game. Unfortunately that may happen due to visiting Bruin fans. I think Cal should have a great game against them and a potential thriller (like the ASU and BYU games the last two years) is likely.