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Cal Football Recruiting Scouting: Chase Garbers, Corona del Mar quarterback commit

Cal's plucked a jewel from Corona del Mar, and his name is Chase Garbers.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Based on the number of quarterbacks Cal is recruiting it seems that the Bear Raid has some major allure.

Chase Garbers out of Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California is set to join the battle for Bear Raid high command in 2017 with an absurdly productive junior season under his belt.  He recorded over 2,700 yards with a 69% completion rate and a 33/3 touchdown to interception ratio and is generating some hype for his senior season starting this fall.

Here are his ratings from the major recruiting services.

Scouting Ratings

Rivals: 3 stars
24/7 Scout: 3 stars, 35th at his position, 4th in his state
ESPN: 4 stars, 177th in ESPN300

At 6'3" 202 pounds, Chase doesn't particularly stand out physically. So why the hype? Let's take a look at the tape.

  • Chase is officially listed as a pocket passer quarterback, but he possesses a mobility that comes as a surprise with that kind of designation. At 0:16 he wisely waits on stepping into the pocket because his right tackle was having major issues stopping the defensive end. Once the end commits to the outside, Chase deftly steps into the pocket, spills right, and makes a tough outside throw on the run. It's one thing to be aware of what's going on in the pocket around you and something else entirely to simultaneously be looking deep down field for an open throw.
  • At 0:26 he displays lively footwork that is fundamental for a good quarterback. Quicker feet leads not only to a greater capacity to dodge defenders, but also to a quicker and controlled release when necessary as in 0:37.
  • Deep ball. Watch at 0:44 closely. Wow. He launches that pass 55 yards with one hard step, hitting his receiver in stride. While that ball could be further out so that his receiver doesn't have to track inward, that arm strength and accuracy is impressive for a 17 year-old.
  • Speaking of arm strength, Chase seems to excel at gunning short to mid-range passes. When a ball is flying past that many defenders toward the inside, defensive backs lick their chops for a duck. For that reason, a quarterback has to zip the ball on a line to ensure that his receiver is the first guy with his hands on the football. At 1:08 and 1:20, Chase shows off a nice laser of a throw that is a welcome companion to his deep touch.
  • While this comes pretty much standard for any Division I-bound quarterback, leading receivers with a pass is a skill that requires a great deal of field awareness. Chase does it well at 1:50.
  • Let's talk about patience and making something out of nothing. At 3:01, the play breaks down and Chase decides to punch the ball in himself. After realizing he can't, he quickly bumps outward and waits for his receiver to track with him -€” all while the defensive end is bull rushing him. That takes guts and discipline.
  • Now let's talk about good decision-making and bad decision-making. At 3:13, Chase finds himself in another broken play. He is quick to turn it into a run gaining a few yards and redeeming the play. However, he turns on the boosters and decides to take a few defenders along for a ride. While I appreciate that kind of grit, every quarterback coach is close to a heart attack every time a passer lowers a shoulder for a hit.
  • Overall Chase is a solid player. He has all of the fundamentals down and just needs to work on making his game better by fine-tuning. There are a couple of occasions when his accuracy is lacking, but his arm strength gets the ball in so quickly that the defender doesn't have the chance to get in the way. However, there are plenty of examples of fantastic accuracy (see 3:58) that prove he has it in him. Consistency, therefore, is the name of the game for him.
  • With that, I wouldn't be surprised is his completion percentage looks a lot closer to 80 by the end of this senior season. Now that'd be ridiculous. Looking forward to what he'll show us this coming year but for now -€” welcome to the Cal family, Chase, and Go Bears!