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Cal football roster changes & injuries: Michael Trani, Caleb Coleman, A.J. Greathouse

Some changes for Cal

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned yesterday, Austin Aaron and Carlos Strickland have left the Cal football program. Strickland made the decision to move back to a team that is closer to Texas so he can be with his ailing grandfather more often, and Aaron retired of his own volition.

Sonny Dykes had this to say about Austin Aaron’s retirements.

Best of luck Austin!

Two other Golden Bears are leaving the program. Caleb Coleman is retiring due to concussions. We wish him the best of luck healing up from his injuries.

Cal does have a deep secondary, so Coleman’s loss won’t hurt the Bears too much on the field. Cameron Walker and Trey Turner are expected to duel it out for nickelback snaps. Coleman had a few nice moments for the Bears, particularly against Oregon State.

Additionally, offensive lineman Michael Trani has medically retired due to back issues. Trani was unable to play a single snap at Cal since signing with the Bears in 2014 due to his injury problems. Trani was not mentioned on the depth chart, so this is to be expected.

One injury note: A.J. Greathouse had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. He’ll be out for several weeks but is expected to return to the team soon.