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Sonny Dykes says Cal starting QB Davis Webb holds same work ethic as Jared Goff

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Go Bears!

Davis Webb hands it off
Cal Football

Davis Webb was introduced to the media yesterday as the new starting quarterback for Cal, ending a quick transfer turnaround from his time at Texas Tech. Time to learn more about Webb’s journey to Cal.

Webb had a solid freshman season at Texas Tech before injuries and quarterback battles forced him into a non-permanent starting role. Here’s what Webb and head coach Sonny Dykes had to say about the announcement:

  • Dykes says Webb does really well at throwing to a spot rather than to a receiver, which is precisely what you’d expect from a well-trained Air Raid quarterback.
  • Dykes also is a big fan of Webb’s arm, although he was quick to point out there’s more to being a quarterback than having a big arm.
  • Webb spoke a little bit about how his father influenced him to become the quarterback he is.
  • Webb has been a film junkie since he arrived at Cal, watching spring practice and scrimmages at least three times over, and has been at the office every day by 6:30 or 7.
  • Webb was also extremely complementary of his main competition for the starting quarterback job, including Chase Forrest and Ross Bowers.

Cal fans, your thoughts on Webb winning the job?