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Cal football practice recap #3: Young cornerbacks improving, running back trio rocking

Who stood out on the third day of fall camp? Find out below!

Cal Fall Camp!
Cal Fall Camp!
Cal Football

Key Takeaways:

1) The younger corners are much improved from the spring camp.

Josh Drayden, Camryn Bynum, and Traveon Beck are all holding their own in practice and playing extremely well. The secondary is looking like it will have a very bright future.

2) The running backs are going to be to be one of the strongest units this year.

Between Vic Enwere, Tre Watson, Khalfani Muhammad, and possibly some others, Cal is totally set at running back in both the present and in the future.


DeVante Downs

  • Downs needs to teach the guys behind him on the depth chart.
  • They can fill in the departures.
  • About 243 pounds but moving well.
  • Derron Brown is a game changer, can blitz and pass protect.

Art Kaufman

  • Lot of guys figuring out things quickly.
  • Wants to develop depth on the d line.
  • Pleased with the older guys.
  • Devante Downs has done a nice job.
  • Ray Davison taking a leadership role.
  • Hopes DeVante Wilson can make a jump this year.

Sonny Dykes

  • Good physical practice.
  • The group wants to be physical.
  • Dramatic Improvement but still need to get better.
  • Westerfield has a sprained ankle but should be fine.
  • Giving some guys rest.
  • Guys are competing hard.
  • Defense is challenging the offense.
  • All the quarterbacks are improved.
  • Will make a QB decision when the time is right.
  • First day in pads is Friday.
  • Lots of competition on the line, can bounce people around.Younger defensive line is athletic, made a big jump since the spring.

Tre Watson

  • The offensive line has gotten a lot better, excited to see what they can do.
  • Excited to go out and play.
  • Worked on speed and strength in the offseason.
  • Definitely got a lot faster, got a new gear and excited to show it.
Billy McCrary
  • Wants to be more patient and follow blocks.
  • Wants to get on the field in any way he can.
  • Really looking forward to the Australia trip, it is a great opportunity for the whole team.

Tweets (Interesting plays, notes):