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Cal vs. Washington State: Golden Bears, thoughts on the Cougars?

Cal vs. Washington State has been a very entertaining game two years running. What do you see happening when Air Raid meets Bear Raid yet again?

Washington State v California Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Avinash: Heart attacks.

Cal and Washington State are essentially the same team running the same schemes; one squad just likes to pass way, way, way more than the other. Wazzu will probably have the deadlier pass attack, Cal can counter with more balance. The Bears have gotten the best of the Cougars the last two years, but you have to imagine in Pullman Washington State will likely have the advantage with all their offensive weapons.

What matchups are you looking to see in November that will dictate the result of this game? How do you view Wazzu's Pac-12 chances this season?

Vincent S: Given that we're playing Wazzu in mid-November, I wouldn't be surprised to be snow at this game. I think the worse the weather is, the better our running game (projected to be much stronger than in recent years) will be able to carry the offense. I'm still amazed we won the game two seasons ago.

Andy Johnston: Ah the classic student faces teacher battle, round 3. The first two match ups have been some of the most entertaining games of the year. Without the McClure fake punt return for a touchdown, Cal very well could have lost against Washington State last season. This game will be very tough in Pullman and I would definitely bet the over. The Bears have to repeat their game plan from last year by containing the pass attack and create big plays on the defensive side of the ball to seal another victory.

boomtho: Hot take: I predict points. Lots and lots of points. I was actually surprised that the score was only 34-28 last year. I wouldn't be surprised to see the winning team in the 40's this year... and I think that given that WSU is at home, we'll be facing an uphill battle.

Ruey Yen: The last time that Cal played Pullman, that was the 60-59 thriller. I will predict that the score this year is not going to be that high. The two teams will merely combine for 90 total points. Although it is a road game, Cal has traditionally beat Wazzu on the road (I honestly can't remember the last time when Cal lost at Washington State). It might take another missed field goal or some other kind of craziness, but I think that streak will continue in 2016.

Nik Jam: On the road, the Cougs will have memories of the 2014/2015 losses and I think they will be hungry. This will be tough.