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Cal football preview podcast! The Pod Is Out On The Field, Episode 1

In which we talk about the Bears and record it.

Cal football fall practice
Cal Football

Why have one podcast when you can have two? The California Golden Blogcast industry is growing.

Nam Le and Scott Chong here. Two of your strongest Cal football veterans have come together to build a podcast dedicated strictly to chat about all things Strawberry Canyon related, delving deep into the Xs and Os of the Bears.

Below are timestamps for topics. If you’re interested in deep dives, take a look and see what interests you the most!

1:44 - Scott and Nam give their opening thoughts on the season, set expectations and discuss best case/worst case scenario

10:45 - What's holding back Cal from being elite in the future? [d-e-f-e-n-s-i-v-e-l-i-n-e]

16:19 - QB chatter

21:00 - RB previews

26:00 - WR - "The toybox is full"

30:00 - OL - looking at the two open position battles at C/RG, and whether or not we can really run the ball this year

38:00 - Where will the impact pass rushers be?

41:00 - Safety speculation

45:00 - Overall thoughts on the defense

49:00 - Will Cal beat a Big 4 team? If so, who?

55:00 - Closing thoughts + shoutouts for the Cal world