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How did Cal beating Hawaii change your season expectations?

Did Cal's performance of Hawaii make you more optimistic, more pessimistic, or not change your opinion at all about how this season will go? 

University of California v University of Hawaii - College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Berkelium97: I range somewhere between more pessimistic and unchanged opinion. After the first quarter I thought this was a 3-4 win team. Fortunately the team looked better as the game progressed and I think we can win 6 games, but I think 5 wins is more likely. I think we will definitely beat Colorado and Oregon State, win 2 or 3 against SDSU, Texas, Utah, and ASU, and (hopefully) win 1 against Oregon, furd, UCLA, and USC. I can definitely see 4 and would not be surprised if we get 5 or more wins, but both the offense and defense have considerable work to do to compete with the top half of the Pac-12.

boomtho: Slightly more pessimistic. I'd say the offense was like 10% better than I thought for week 1 (especially Chad Hansen!), but the defense was 20% worse than I thought it would be, so on balance, I've downgrade my mental win-total based on the results of this game. If our DL can't get penetration and our LB's can't tackle Hawaii, we're in for a long, long, long defensive season.

LeonPowe: Slightly more pessimistic, but honestly it doesn't change my personal win expectations (6) but I am scared about the defense. Any issues with the offense, it feels like a couple tweaks and we'll be there. We were spoiled with Goff, but Webb is a good QB, and our wideouts and backs and OLine will let us score a lot of points. I saw some chatter in the threads that our defense looked Buh- esque - that's definitely an exaggeration. Our secondary - especially Franklin - looks to be pretty good. But they'll be tested with the front seven being stymied by Hawaii. Their QB wasn't very good but they have a decent OLine and running backs. We should've been able to bring a little more pressure. I did see Coach Tate just laying into his linemen when I moved to the Cal sideline seats so the team knows it.

Ruey Yen: The Bears will have to outscore their opponents in shootout style games again in 2016. This first game just confirms my suspicion and initial worry that Cal is again a flawed team with plenty of defensive issues. While the optimistic part of me is hoping that some of the missed tackles and mental mistakes can be cleaned up as the season progresses, the Cal defense is probably not going to be very good...again. Offensively, Bear Raid looks to be a work in progress still - which is not unexpected given a new QB and a bunch of new players. Given how the rest of the Pac-12 North may also have issues this year, Cal can probably match the relative success of 2015. I don't want to read too much into just one game.

KWBears: I am slightly more pessimistic about the season now that the first game is under our belts. The offseason always brings so much hope and fantasies. But, reality always hits in September (August this year). Davis Webb is going to be a very serviceable rental QB for Cal this year. We have great speed at wideout and lots of potential. Our defense is atrocious. Some of those easy TDs for Hawaii were just palm-in-face moments for us fans.

Nik Jam: I knew this could be a tough year but was cautiously optimistic. Now im cautiously pessimistic. The defense looked poor but it is still early. They are "healthy" in that the starters from Training Camp are all OK, so I see this as different from 2013-2014 where the defense had to keep changing personnel and they could never develop. I hope to see improvements and adjustments against SDSU.

The offense looks fine, I can imagine some 2014 style shootouts this year. I just hope we're on the right end of most/all of them.

Piotr Le: More pessimistic, although not as much as my “HOT TAKE SELF” thought. My main issue is the complete lack of run-D in the A and B gaps, even when our LBs were in position, they failed to get-off the blocks from Hawai’i guards. Another issue was the lacklasture pass-rush from the DEs, even with 3 TFLs we weren’t generating the necessary pressure on the QB.

HydroTech: I feel more optimistic, but I think that's mostly because I had no idea what this team might look like with a new offensive coordinator, a new starting QB, and a lot of inexperienced WRs. Now, having seen the team in action against a real opponent, I can safely say that the team is not completely inept on offense and it can score some points. The question is whether it can do so on a regular basis against tougher defenses.