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Cal football podcast! The Pod Is On The Field, 2016.3 - Hawaii Analysis

In which Nam and Scott talk Hawaii and some other things.

Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Nam and Scott are back following the season opener against Hawaii, in which the Bears undoubtedly underperformed. So, what did your two hosts think about the game? Who balled out? What's the focus heading into the bye week?

All that and more, in the most amazing, sensational, dramatic, heart-rending... exciting, thrilling pod in the history of college football!

Rough topic schedule:

0:00 - Opening thoughts from Scott
3:00 - Davis Webb vs Jared Goff
~8:00 - Schematic differences between Franklin vs Spavital
12:00 - Run game/RB analysis
16:00 - Pass game analysis
~24:00 - Overall offensive grades/analysis
28:00 - glimpses at SDSU - Scotty freaks out Cal fans about SDSU
33:00 - Nam and Scott finally talk about the defense. Nam goes first.
36:00 - Is there hope?
39:00 - Talking secondary/linebackers
46:00 - 2014 vs 2016; new win expectations, etc
51:00 - Various things including Davis Webb meme
59:00 - Closing shoutouts