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Cal beats Hawaii, now owns best record in college football!


University of California v University of Hawaii - College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Before we begin. Take this profile picture in, in all its glory.

1st Quarter: AAAND KICK OFF!!!! Wait. ONSIDE?!

Hawaii kicks off the College Football season with an ONSIDE KICK? Really? It ends in a bad kick and Cal recovery, but no one can deny that it was a gutsy call. Cal scored on its first drive (including a 4th down conversion) on a Khalfani Muhammed TD Run.

The Bears then could not capitalize on a Cam Walker Interception, and allowed the Rainbow Warriors to score on a Marcus Kemp TD reception. The Bears fought right back on the following drive to score from a 17 yard TD from Davis Webb to Chad Hansen. It was a text book Cal fade route. And the scoring did not stop there. Hawaii answered with a 15 yard TD run from Diocemy Saint Juste. Matt Anderson then got himself on the board with his first FG of the season from 29 yards out. Cal closes out the quarter up 17-14

2nd Quarter: DRAW.

draw play. Draw Play. DRAW PLAY. All Cal fans shuddered at the play calling in the quarter with constant draw calls on 3rd downs. (Did someone check if Tony Franklin was in the booth?) Cal struggled to move the offense with any sense of haste and consistency, and was only helped due to some Hawaii penalties. Cal was stopped on the 5 yard line and had to settle for a Matt Anderson FG, but on the ensuing kick off Derron Brown forced a fumble. That set-up a Davis Webb to Chad Hansen 34-Yard TD. The Cal defense then got the stop to setup a 2 minute drill. DAVIS WEBB runs a pitch-option and keeps it pinching it in from the 2 yard line with a defender drapped over him. Cal headed into the half leading 34-17

3rd Quarter: The Perfect Webb.

Devante Downs had a bad miss to start the quarter givng up a big run to Saint Juste. The defense still held the Rainbow Warriors to just a FG, but on the flip, Cal scored on a 14-Yard TD to Melquise Stovall. Then the Rainbow Warriors just started to run the ball, run the ball, and run the ball.

With our defense unable to stop the run, Hawaii punched in a 4-Yard TD run through Steven Lakalaka. Khalfani Muhammed then returned the kick-off for 47-Yards to jumpstart the final drive of the quarter. And with a few plays the quarter came to a close, with Cal leading 41-24. The #drop50 alert was in full effect. Oh. Did I mention Davis Webb had a perfect quarter?

4th Quarter: It’s a Wrap

And the 4th starts off with a bang. After a few Hawaii plays, Devante Wilson forced the fumble and Luke Rubenzer came up with the ball. After another couple of posessions changes, Cal finally capitalized on a drive to march down the field, but Khalfani dropped a WIDE OPEN pass in the end zone although the ball was slightly under thrown by Davis. Matt Anderson capped off that drive with a 25-Yard FG.

The Bears continued their offensive barrage on the following possession with a 33-Yard TD by Jordan Veasy. Ashtyn Davis followed up with the BEST-PLAY-THAT-DID-NOT-HAPPEN. He was the lone safety on a Post Route, and he jumped backwards (ala Odell Beckham Jr) and just got a hand on it to almost get the interception. But despite that play, the 2s and 3s on defense could not hold the Hawaii offense and let in a 15-Yard rushing TD from Paul Harris. Vic Enwere exploded for some monster gains and was stopped at the 1, but before he could punch it in, the clock ran out.

CAL WINS. 51-31. Here is your final box score. What did you think about the game> Leave your comments below!