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Instareaction: Cal's 51–31 win turns Sydney into Bear Territory!


Like something out of a cartoon
Like something out of a cartoon
Mark Nolan/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears will be leaving Sydney with a big 51–31 win over the Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors. I imagine they view this Australia trip as a bigger success than when I went and woke up one day from a frog jumping on me. Indoors.

Cal was far from perfect, however. The offense had some miscues and the defense struggled, so the Bears have plenty to study up on and improve.

And kudos (because I'm too old to keep saying "shout out", aren't I?) to Khalfani Muhammad, who led the team with 212 all-purpose yards.

Tune in to ESPN3 for the trophy presentation!

(Apologies for those of you who are here for the report cards... we're short-staffed this year [and every year], so we aren't sure if we'll be able to continue that series. If we do, then there will be another post for you to grade the game.)