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Cal football in Australia: Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbor, Marshawn!

Tours, practices, games!

Davis Webb and Marcus Kemp at Sydney Harbor
Destination NSW

There are probably not going to be many meaningful football updates, so enjoy all the social media banter from the football team as they prepare for their game with Hawaii.

Cal headed to Sydney Harbor in their second day in Australia for the official joint Hawaii press conference for the Sydney Cup.

Some quick quotes.

  • Sonny Dykes: I think everyone’s going to be impressed with the athleticism. We've had maybe 3 players who have been out here before.
  • Davis Webb: My teammates have been great. It's been the best part of my experience. Hawaii's going to have a great defense. We really respect what they do. Hopefully we come out on top.

Ray Davison took control of Cal football’s Snapchat at the Beach.

Luc Bequette enjoyed his time at Bondi Beach.

As did James Looney.

Malik Psalms is buying himself some souvenirs.

Vic Enwere got to meet Marshawn Lynch after practice.

Marshawn apparently even found time to suit up!

There are cultural differences. Here’s Max Gilliam asking for room service.

Khari Vanderbilt loves his hotel view.

Jordan Duncan is appreciating the experience.

Josh Drayden with the squad.

Darius Allensworth had some issues at the Australia McDonald’s.

Aisea Tongilava is having issues with the body clock.

This is Brandon Singleton’s first time out of the country, and it’s to don the blue and gold on the football field!

The work continues. Kickoff is coming.