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Cal Football Fall Camp Notebook: The End.

We have finally arrived. The Bears leave for Australia and camp is over.

California v Washington Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

This might be the most uneventful practice report that you may have read, but to be safe take a gander.

Rob’s Practice Notebook:

  • A huge worry was kick off coverage, but it has looked like Coach Tommerdahl has improved that front significantly. The coverage team did not allow a single return to reach the 20 yard line.
  • Defense once again played well in 7s. Davis Webb was left frustrated in his first snap as the defense gave him no passing option. If our defense can limit other offenses this well, it could give our DL enough time to get to the QB.
  • On that note, the DL created a few hurried/pressured moments and also came away with a couple of sacks from Chinedu Udeogu and Zeandae Johnson.
  • Traveon Beck continued his meteoric rise in form, getting a PBU off a throw to the flat. The most impressive part about it was that he was able to Jump up full extension and get just a few fingers on the ball to tip it. It was a really great athletic play.
  • The day ended with a few FG attempts with a situational of the end of the game with only had about 10 seconds left. The offense would snap a play then it would time the FG running out from the sidelines setup and take the kick. Matt Anderson completed all 3 of his attempts from 36-Yards, 38-Yards, and 43-Yards. Cervenka also made an attempt from 36 yards.

Oh Wow. We’re done, but that’s not all! I had a moment to talk to Vic Enwere about the trip to Australia and camp. Here’s my key quotes from that.

What do you hope to see/do on our trip other than football?

“I hope to see some kangaroos. You know. Just things that I’ve never seen in my life and only experience there in Australia.”

The basketball team went out there last year. Any tips from them?

“Honestly? I haven’t had the time to talk to them. I’ve been focused on camp and this game against Hawaii.”

You play Hawaii. Have 2 weeks off. Go to play away in San Diego. Then finally get to play at home against Texas. How does the preparation change if any?

“The two weeks helps. It helps us to come back, settle down get adjusted and get ready for a game against SDSU.”

What about Texas? Its a ways away, but does that game feel different that its the first home game?

“I have every game circled on my calendar in my room. The Texas game I have circled twice and with asterisks.”

California Love. California Rising.

WR Chad Hansen & DE Cameron Saffle