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Cal football fall practice recap #1: Davis Webb the frontrunner?

What went down on the first play of fall training camp? Find out here!

Cal Football

Key takeaways from the opening Cal spring practice.

1) Davis Webb is the clear frontrunner for the quarterback position.

Webb made a number of spectacular throws and looks to be comfortable making the necessary throws in the Bear Raid Offense. He should be the starter Day 1 and definitely has the tools to be extremely successful running Cal's offense and keeping them competitive.

2) Demetris Robertson and Melquise Stovall are going to be really good.

It seemed like these two were wide open down the field every time they ran a deep route. Webb connected with both of them on numerous occasions. Hopefully this was foreshadowing for what is going to happen later on in the year. Nonetheless, both are explosive and should tear up opposing defenses in due time.

3) The defense is much longer and faster.

There were a number of nice plays made on defense, whether it be pass deflections or interceptions as a result of reading the quarterback. They were by no means making it easy on the offense and look to be much improved in the secondary.

Here are some tidbits

Sonny Dykes

  • Dykes is impressed with the quarterback play and saw improvement from when they played in the spring. There's no word on who the starter is going to be quite yet.
  • Secondary is more experienced—they picked up where they left off in the spring and everything is much more competitive.
  • Malik Psalms's move to safety will be good for him.
  • Khari Vanderbilt and Evan Rambo both played well. Rambo's a mature kid and a long, athletic guy who has a good work ethic.
  • Lot of adjustments to be made, but overall it was a good practice.
  • Hansen was overall good—he is consistent and should have a good year.

Jake Spavital:

  • He's trying to get guys acclimated to practice, but pleased with how practice went.
  • Competition at quarterback made all of them work to get better. Webb has a tremendous arm and the potential to be good.
  • Players have been working hard over the summer.
  • Hansen could have a special year; he also helps the young ones.
  • Needs to see consistency and communication from younger players.

Darius Allensworth:

  • Feels comfortable, second nature, wants to help out the younger players.
  • Trey Turner and Evan Rambo are standing out, but everyone had a good guy.
  • He's Excited for the trip out to Australia.
  • Everyone is ready for a new era after Jared Goff and looking to prove something.

Chad Hansen:

  • He has taken the younger players under his wing.
  • Smaller quicker guys and bigger guys.

Demetris Robertson:

  • Felt good today.
  • Watching Hansen to learn from him.
  • Felt at home on his first visit to Cal.