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Cal football players arrive to camp: New script gloves?

The Bears are getting dressed for success.

Vic Enwere gloves

Some quick tidbits so far from the California Golden Bears reporting to fall practice. Cal players are getting equipped with their new gear.

The coolest thing we’ve potentially seen: The players have new script Cal gloves! Vic Enwere was happy to show them off.

Demetris Robertson is here and ready to roll.

Melquise Stovall was able to pose for the cameras early and often (with similar Cal gloves), also along with Davis Webb.

Darius Allensworth was sporting the Jared Goff Cal jersey.

Dwayne Wallace had a crooked tie.

Dylan Klumph has interesting footwear.

Traveon Beck poses for the camera.

Ray Hudson is getting outfitted with new Cal gear.

James Looney is ready to cause mayhem.

Camp weather is looking nice all week for the Bears.

Team meetings are underway for the Bears as well.

Come join the Bears at open practice all week long! CGB will try and be at most practices this fall, so we will have comprehensive daily reports.