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Cal Football Fall Camp Notebook: Winding Down

2 DAYS! (Until the team leaves!...well actually 1 now)

California v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Bears have their LAST 2-A-DAY

One more day, then our Bears head “DOWN UNDA” (RIP Crocodile Hunter) Another morning practice full of conditioning, fundamentals and walk-throughs. Lets get to it!

Rob’s Practice Notebook:

  • Vic Wharton III had himself a day. He had a NASTY one handed grab on a fade in redzone 1-on-1s. And another near amazing catch along the sidelines in 7s.
  • Kanawai Noa is play himself into the 2-deep with play after play. He had a TD catch that he slightly bobbled, because the defender was latched onto him at the hip, but the concentration to make the catch was impressive. He had another TD after sealing out the defender and making the catch at the goal line.
  • Bug Rivera was dancing with the football. He had Jacob Anderson on skates on a TD Catch, Bug juked the shoes out of him.
  • On a line of scrimmage note, the DL played outstanding against the OL. They collapsed the pocket and plugged every gap. It was great to see the DL wanting to improve and playing in full force.
  • Davis Webb was slinging it in 1-on-1s. He threw back to back TDs, first to Demetris Robertson in the endzone and the second was to Jordan Veasy on a down and out.
  • Speaking of D-Rob, at one point in 7s he was matched up against Darius Allensworth, he got off the press and played the gap between the corner and the safety to make a smart catch.
  • Traveon Beck continued to take huge strides. He had his 4th pick of camp, he happened to be at the right place at the right time. The ball popped up off of Bug Rivera’s shell.
  • Tre Watson had a great run to the outside in situationals. He made the read inside and realizing the gaps were plugged made the cut to the outside. Got himself 2 long runs from those quick reads.
  • Cameron Saffle maybe our best athlete at DE. He jumped up at the line of scrimmage to tip the ball at full extension. It was jump-out-of-seat worthy.
  • Davis Webb and Ross Bowers got some work in a OT situational. Davis got a TD through Melquise Stovall after getting a first down. Ross Bowers threw a TD to Matt Rockett on the first play of his OT drive.
  • And to cap off the day, Matt Anderson missed a 43-YD Attempt. He caught the ball wrong and it went wide left of the uprights.

California Love. California Rising

There were no presser’s from today, but here’s a look at Wednesday’s pressers.

Head Coach Sonny Dykes
Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Brandon Jones

Oh and I leave you with this feature on Davis Webb