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Cal Football Fall Camp Notebook: T-5 and Counting

Just 4 days until the plane ride to Sydney

Arizona State v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Bears leave for Australia this Saturday and begin a series of practices to help them get conditioned for an early morning game. The open practice in the morning felt very much like a spring ball practice, with much more emphasis on conditioning and fundamentals.

Rob’s Practice Notebook:

  • Watching Kick-Offs two thoughts come into mind. The first is that we really need to work on our coverage and forcing the runner into the direction we want him to go. The second? Melquise Stovall and Demetris Robertson are going to be a handful for opposing teams. (I might take the 15 yard penalty and kick it out of bounds)
  • Marloshawn Franklin is now listed as the starting CB opposite of Darius Allensworth. With that new I think it boosted his confidence because he had a great slew of break ups and coverage.
  • Justin Dunn is one to keep an eye out for the future. He has been making plays all camp and has the size (6-3/200) to be a legitimate threat.
  • Kanawai Noa has got to be the player that we expect a lot from going forward. He has a great football IQ, instincts and a consistent urge for improvement. His spectacular catch today was on an over the shoulder throw. The throw was made to his inside shoulder but he was expecting icon his outside. Once he checked and saw the ball heading inside, Kanawai flipped his view to his inside shoulder. adjusted the route inside and made the catch. It was eye-catching to say the least.
  • Matt Rockett seems to be finally comfortable, confident and healthy. He made a ridiculous stutter step on a Z route to break perfectly in a redzone 1-on-1.
  • Your daily Brandon Singleton update! He’s good.
  • Jordan Duncan got his hand on a pass thrown his way, but the fact of the matter was that he had no idea where the ball was. It looked like he instinctively put his hand up on a down and out route and almost corralled the ball.
  • The defense came up with 2 stops in 7s, both against Davis Webb. Davis had no where to throw on both occasions with such good coverage, that he just threw the ball back to the GA snapper.
  • Chase Forrest had a nice day in 11s. He came up with a 47 YD TD off of a low snap. Snap was bobbled and along the ground, he picked it up turned around and saw Rockett open down the sidelines, so he launches it and hits him perfectly in stride.
  • Ross Bowers is growing on me to be the backup QB. He makes the right plays, can use his feet well, and has the arm strength to make all the passes necessary. On a broken play, Ross scrambled to his right. Demetris Robertson recognized the scramble, followed Bowers from about 10 yards out. Ross fires a laser at Robertson who catches it while going to ground. Oh and also there were 2 defenders jumping into the route of the pass. The timing and speed of the throw were impeccable.
  • The Bears also worked on some situationals. One was a 1 minute drill from the 30 yard line, the other being Overtime. The offense moved the chains well in the former situation getting a couple 1st downs before ending with a 55 yard Singleton TD from Davis Webb.
  • Last but not least, Matt Anderson nailed his only kick attempt of the day. A 22 yard attempt that was through a slight south to north breeze.

California Love. California Rising.

Cal Head Coach Sonny Dykes

Inside WR Coach Jacob Peeler