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Cal football preseason depth chart released

Who is where?

Cal fall camp
Cal Football

Only seven hours after I predicted the Cal depth chart, the actual Cal depth chart was released today! I got all but two of the starters right! Go me!

Here is the full depth chart.

Here are the two I got wrong!

Center: Addison Ooms battled and apparently still battles Dominic Granado for the starting center position. It’s unclear who it will be come Hawaii, but Ooms is slotted at 1 at the moment.

Left tackle: Aaron Cochran and Patrick Mekari are now slated as co-starters. Mekari will probably start against Hawaii until Cochran heals from his injuries.

Offensive guard: Graduate transfer Jeremiah Stuckey appears to be the program’s super-sub, listed as the backup at both left and right guard.

Cornerback #2: Darius Allensworth is the first starting corner as expected. Marloshawn Franklin is currently the other, beating out Antoine Albert, Chibuzo Nwokocha, Ashtyn Davis, and a host of other candidates. Albert was the starter at the start of fall camp but has fallen to third on the depth chart.

Tight end/fullback: 310 pound Malik McMorris remains the number one option, with 295 pound J.D. Hinnant in second and 240 pound Kyle Wells right behind him. That’s some beef.

As for the rest of the positions...

Quarterback: Ross Bowers and Chase Forrest remain in a tie for second. The freshmen are tied as well and cleared for redshirt duties.

Running back: The three way tie is still in place at the top, but Tre Watson is the first name listed. Vic Enwere and Khalfani Muhammad.

Wide receivers: Brandon Singleton is currently listed as “starter” at the X but it might be a three-way tie. Demetris Robertson and Patrick Worstell are neck-and-neck. Ray Hudson and Jordan Veasy are dealing with a similar battle at the H. Only Chad Hansen and Melquise Stovall are secure in their starting spots. Vic Wharton III is the backup outside Z, Bug Rivera and Kanawai Noa fight for the backup outside Y.

Defensive line: Cameron Saffle won the other end spot from Noah Westerfield, and Zeandae Johnson won the backup spot behind Devante Wilson. The defensive tackle two deep remained unchanged.

Linebackers: Aisea Tongilava is listed as the only Sam. I’m guessing the team doesn’t plan on rolling out many traditional 4-3s this season. The two deep at Mike and Will remains unchanged.

Secondary: Malik Psalms is a backup safety, Traveon Beck a third string nickel back! The big surprise other than Marloshawn are Nwokochoa and Ashtyn Davis, both of whom walked onto the football team. Both are now second string cornerbacks behind Franklin and Allensworth.

Special teams: Four way tie for kick returner, Vic Wharton the punt returner!

What do you make of this depth chart? Let us know in the comments!