UN Goodwill Ambassador Ashley Judd to get Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in public policy


Ashley Judd has made quite the commitment. Like, as in the years-long kind that will put her in the single-digit percentage of the educated population. We're talking, of course, about some serious PhD-getting business here. The actress and humanitarian announced in a Facebook Live video on Monday that she will be getting her third degree at UC Berkeley starting this fall.

Judd was accepted into a rigorous PhD program for public policy at the Northern California university, where she said she hopes to "do some good thinking, some rigorous research and fill it with my typical heart and soul and see how I can continue to do my little part to make the world a better place." But she's also experiencing some normal first day of school jitters. "Sometimes I'm really excited, sometimes I'm like 'What have I gotten myself into?!'" she added.

Judd's desire to pursue a PhD places her in a minority among those in Hollywood and the population at large. It's not unheard of for universities to sometimes bestow an honorary degree on a celebrity, but that tends to happen for musicians for their creative works over the years. Seeing a relatively well-known actress decide to dedicate years to a post-doc program is pretty darn rare.

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