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Rio 2016: Olivier Siegelaar and the Dutch Eight win Bronze in Men’s Rowing

The Cal alum and 3rd time Olympian has won his first Olympic medal

Rowing - Olympics: Day 8
Olivier Siegelaar has finally won an Olympic medal in his 3rd Olympic games.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Finally, we have a non-USA swimming medal to add to our Calympian medal count. Congratulations to Cal Men’s Crew alum Olivier Siegelaar and his Netherlands crew in winning the Bronze in Men’s Eight.

The Netherlands crew consists of Kaj Hendriks, Robert Lücken, Boaz Meylink, Boudewijn Roell, Olivier Siegelaar, Dirk Uittenboogaard, Mechiel Versluis, Tone Wieten, and coxswain Peter Wiersum.

Cal Crew forever! Congrats Olivier Siegelaar! GO BEARS! #bronze

A photo posted by @calcrew on

The Dutch crew were 5th in the first 500. They moved up to 4th at 1000 (midway point). At the 1500, the Dutch Eight were a close 3rd, just behind Germany. It was a neck and neck race between the Dutch and the German in the last 500, but Germany (5:30.96) was just ahead at the finish line for the Silver. The Dutch Eight finished with a time of 5:31.59.

Great Britain dominated the race to win the Gold with a time of 5:29.63.

The Dutch Eight had to go through the Repechage to get to the final. They actually had the 2nd best time from the heat but was in the same one as the fastest crew, Great Britain.

Anyhow, 3rd time Calympian and Cal Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) grad Olivier Siegelaar has finally won an Olympic medal after finishing 4th and 5th in Beijing and London, respectively.


Calympians Medal Count:

(Through Men’s Eight Rowing Final)

By Individuals:

7 Golds, 4 Silvers, 4 Bronze

By Events:

5 Golds, 3 Silvers, 4 Bronze

Dana Vollmer (USA) - Silver from Women’s 4x100 Free Relay, Bronze from Women’s 100 Fly

Abbey Weitzeil (USA) - Silver from Women’s 4x100 Free Relay

Nathan Adrian (USA) - Gold from Men’s 4x100 Free Relay, Bronze from Men’s 100 Free, Bronze from Men’s 50 Free

Anthony Ervin (USA) - Gold from Men’s 4x100 Free Relay, Gold from Men’s 50 Free

Kathleen Baker (USA) - Silver from Women’s 100 Back

Ryan Murphy (USA) - Gold from Men’s 100 Back, Gold from Men’s 200 Back

Josh Prenot (USA) - Silver from Men’s 200 Breast

Missy Franklin (USA) - Gold from Women’s 4x200 Free Relay

Cierra Runge (USA)* - Gold from Women’s 4x200 Free Relay

Olivier Siegelaar (Netherlands) - Bronze from Men’s Eight

*Runge is not one of the 50 Calympians on the Cal Athletics list, so our Calympian medal count may differ from their