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Cal football quarterback competition: Sonny Dykes looking for quick resolution

Is Forrest vs. Webb the likely competition?

Arizona State v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It seems like Sonny Dykes doesn’t want to wait too long before announcing his decision. At Bay Area Media Day, Dykes made it clear he wants to have this thing wrapped up as soon as possible so he can get set to preparing for the season. More from Kevin Gemmell of ESPN:

“We’re hoping it happens quickly,” Dykes said. “We’re hoping it’s obvious to all of us quickly. But we’ll decide when we think it’s the best time to decide. It could be five practices in, could be a week in, could be two weeks in. I think the sooner the better for us, but it’s a big decision. It’s a decision that you want to let play out, and it’s an important decision so you have to make sure you have enough credible evidence to base a decision on.”

If you think Dykes is close to a decision, you can go in one or two directions here.

  • Cal has a clear favorite coming out of spring camp in most likely Chase Forrest (or potentially Ross Bowers), and they’ll win the job in short order.
  • Cal has a clear favorite come into Berkeley in graduate transfer Davis Webb, who should have the skills to be good stop-gap as the Bears transition from the post-Jared Goff era.
  • Or the third direction: Dykes is just hoping that the competition resolves itself quickly, and he really doesn’t know which way to lean yet.

I’m not clear of another scenario at the moment. The Cal depth chart is not heavy on details here, giving us a three-way tie between Bowers, Forrest and Webb.

Cal has three weeks of practice (some of them open, come and watch!) before jetsetting to Australia for the season opener on August 26th.

Early thoughts on who the winner of the competition will be?