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Cal football players defend Damon Harrington again, attack UC Berkeley faculty for alleged athlete discrimination

The battle lines are drawn.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout this media circus that has persisted the last week or so, the San Francisco Chronicle has not once talked or addressed a current Cal football player on the roster. All players interviewed by the Chronicle in the original piece are no longer with the program.

(It would be nice if the Chronicle would try and hear all sides of the story instead of the one that parrots the narrative they've thrown out there, but I'm not their editorial director. Moving on.)

Now things have snowballed. The athletes are striking back.

Players on and from the California Golden Bears who know strength coach Damon Harrington were quick to jump to his defense the first time. Now that many Berkeley faculty are actively petitioning for his suspension, the players are once again leaping forward to offer support to their coach.

Running backs Vic Enwere and Tre Watson made it clear how disappointed they were in UC Berkeley faculty, alleging that they have openly been scorned by university professors for being athletes.

Defensive back Khari Vanderbilt

Defensive back Darius Allensworth

Alarmingly, potential starting defensive lineman James Looney threatens to not play.

On a more benign note, Bryce Treggs made a somewhat amusing tweet that will probably horrify many.

The wild ride only gets wilder. With fall camp only a month away and summer workouts still in full swing, this has to be a giant headache for Sonny Dykes and the football program to have to endure.