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Cal football underdogs to San Diego State, Texas, Stanford, UCLA in early lines

Vegas time!

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Early Vegas lines were released!

Cal is underdogs in all the games mentioned.

A quick look at all the early lines.

Cal 5.5 point underdogs to San Diego State. This is the whopper of all the lines. The Aztecs being nearly touchdown favorites at home seems a bit extreme at this moment, but I guess the Bears are a bit of an unknown commodity at this point.

Cal 2.5 point underdogs to Texas. That Cal is a bigger underdog to San Diego State rather than Texas gives you an idea as to how weird the state of all these programs is right now.

Cal 12.5 point underdogs to Stanford. So Vegas at this point thinks Stanford is still going to be very very good. I'm not quite buying that yet, but 12.5 point seems like a bit. The Bears have been beaten by three scores or more the last three meetings against Stanford, but things should change at home, right?

Cal 7.5 point underdogs to UCLA. This is about the fairest of all the lines. Cal is probably ten points worse than UCLA on paper, but you have to account for not only Cal's homefield advantage but the inability for the Bruins to ever play well in Memorial.

What are your thoughts on all the early lines?