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Cal Football Recruiting: Top three national LB Drew Singleton visiting Berkeley?

4-star OLB Drew Singleton may visit Cal in June. A top-3 LB talent! Let's see what he's got.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The father of 2017 recruiting class OLB Drew Singleton from Paramus, NJ has noted that Singleton may visit Cal in June. More from Brian Dohn at Scout:

Recent Visits: Singleton made his fair of trips in the fall and then was more focused in the spring as he went to spring games at Michigan, Clemson, Penn State and Rutgers. His father, Dwayne, told Scout on Monday the summer visit plans includes a possible trip to Cal in two weeks, and visits to Pittsburgh, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Rutgers and Penn State would be made. Singleton is also slated to attend Wednesday's Michigan/Pitt/Maryland satellite camp at Paramus Catholic, but he does not have dates set for any of his trips.

Why is this exciting news? Well, for two huge reasons.

Singleton is a big-time recruit. A consensus 4-star recruit, and a consensus top-3 linebacker in the nation. Furthermore, if we are able to secure a commitment from a LB of Singleton's stature, it would also help establish ourselves as a contender for other top recruits. He would almost undoubtedly make an impact immediately... which brings me to my next point.

Cal is severely lacking in LB depth, especially after signing only 1 LB recruit in 2016. The coaching staff will need to replenish that depth in the 2017 recruiting class. It is almost certain that Singleton would have the opportunity to come in and challenge for a starting spot.

Here are the rankings for Drew Singleton among various scouting services:

  • Rivals: 4-star, 2nd ranked OLB, 39th ranked player nationally
  • ESPN: 4-star, 3rd ranked ILB, 128th ranked player nationally
  • 247: 4-star, 3rd ranked OLB, 63rd ranked player nationally
  • Scout: 4-star, 3rd ranked OLB, 84th ranked player nationally

Let's take a look at why Singleton is so highly regarded.

First things first, Singleton dances very well. But also, he is the leader of the team.

On the very first play, we see Singleton drop back into pass coverage, read the eyes of the quarterback, and demonstrate fantastic closing speed before laying a big hit on the receiver. Singleton demonstrates to us that he has both the physical tools as well as the instinct and football acumen to excel as a defensive force.

He is a phenomenal run-stopper as he has both a nose for the ball, and the necessary speed and quickness to get to the opposing ball-carrier. Again and again, we see Singleton squeeze through gaps or locate the ball-carrier in traffic and take them down. Furthermore, he changes directions well, utilizing that ability and his speed to roam from sideline to sideline to stop opposing RBs. That speed also shines through during the multiple highlights where Singleton catch players downfield as they try to break away. Long story short, he has the physical tools to shine.

Where his instincts show, aside from his ability to read the eyes of the quarterback and his nose for the ball, is his prowess as a blitzer. He shows great timing, bursting through the line to drag down opposing QB's and RB's in the backfield.

It's easy to see Singleton's potential, and I'm sure that many a Cal fan, including myself, will go to sleep at night and dream of Singleton wreaking havoc on opposing offenses for our beloved Golden Bears. Unfortunately, Singleton has a plethora of schools chasing his signature, and Cal is not one of the favorites to land Singleton.

Of the schools that are recruiting him, Auburn, Clemson, Rutgers, Penn State, and Michigan are the frontrunners.

Rutgers head coach Chris Ash recruited Singleton's brother to Wisconsin, so he has a strong relationship with the Singletons. Add on the fact that Rutgers is located in New Jersey, and you have a logical landing spot for Singleton if he decides to stay close to home.

Penn State has a noted history of developing linebackers as Linebacker U, and has a strong reputation in New Jersey. It would also be relatively close to home for Singleton.

Michigan is the noted favorite as the landing spot for Singleton. He has made numerous unofficial visits, and Singleton has been quoted as stating that Michigan is home-like. Former high school coach Chris Partridge and former teammate Rashan Gary are at Michigan in addition to numerous other players that Singleton is familiar with from the north New Jersey area including Jabrill Peppers.

Singleton made visits to various schools in the fall and attended spring practices at Michigan, Clemson, Penn State and Rutgers. Furthermore, in addition to his potential visit to Cal, he plans to visit Pittsburgh, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Rutgers and Penn State this summer.

Just the fact that Singleton has enough interest in Cal to consider a visit is a reason for hope in my book. If Singleton takes a visit perhaps he will like what he sees. Let's cross our fingers that Singleton decides to visit Cal.