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Cal 2017 Football Recruiting: DE Victor Jones has Cal in top 6!

Hopefully Cal can convince him to stay in northern California!

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Cal in the top 6 for consensus 3-star DE Victor Jones out of Inderkum High School in Sacramento, CA. If we are able to land Jones that would be fantastic because, as we've talked about before, Cal can always use more defensive linemen because of the rate at which defensive coordinator Art Kaufman and defensive line coach Tate rotate the defensive linemen in and out. It would also show that we are able to recruit in our own backyard (something that hopefully we are able to prove this year!).

As we can see in the tweet above, the other 6 schools in Jones's top 6 are Oregon State, Wyoming, Colorado State, Utah and Nevada. According to this article by Andrew Nemec at the Oregonian/OregonLive, Jones shares a good relationship with the Oregon State coaches after they hosted a satellite camp at Inderkum High School. However, in an interview with Scout's Brandon Huffman, Jones has stated his desire to play somewhere where his family would able to come watch him, giving a slight advantage to Cal.

So what kind of player are these 6 schools competing for?

Jones demonstrates great explosiveness coming off the line. He uses that burst to his advantage, whether he is catching a running-back from the weak side or blowing by offensive lineman as an edge rusher. He looks so nimble as he just seems to dance around opposing blockers.

However, he has more than just great quickness. When he engages with blockers, he looks powerful, driving opposing linemen off balance and backwards before separating and taking down the ball-carrier. He also shows just how long he is with a number of batted balls throughout the highlights.

Jones also shows great instincts - constantly locating the ball-carrier and making a bee-line for them.

Jones would be a welcome addition at Cal as we look to improve our defense by adding depth and talent. Let's hope that coach Tate can convince Jones to bring his talents to Cal.