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Cal Football Recruiting: 3-star OT Jaxson Kirkland has Bears in top 4, decision date set!

What can he do for Cal? Who are we up against?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus 3-star OT Jaxson Kirkland out of Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon has Cal in his top 4 and has a decision date of August 14th rapidly approaching! He's currently visiting Cal right now!

In a premium article by Scout's Brandon Huffman, he talks more about his recruitment.

What can we expect from Kirkland?

Kirkland is a strong, big bad man. He just bullies opposing players, pancaking them time after time. He moves the line of scrimmage, and plays until his man is down or the whistle is blown. Furthermore, he shows adequate speed to pull, and has quick enough feet on pass coverage to prevent the defensive end from getting around the edge.

We are competing with Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington State for his services. Obviously Kirkland wants to stay and play in the Pac-12, but it will be up to our recruiters to convince him to come play in the bay. Let's cross our fingers that we can land him as his recruitment could be a huge continuation on our efforts to maintain a strong offensive line.