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Cal Athletics issues response to San Francisco Chronicle article on football strength program

And we are mentioned. Huh?

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Cal Athletics issued their response to the San Francisco Chronicle article on Saturday. It was a very strongly worded response where they criticized the Chronicle for their negative coverage of Cal sports.

The statement also denounced the Chronicle for utilizing long-standing critics of Cal Athletics for their pieces. They were left unnamed, but I imagine computer science professor Brian Barsky was among the many names in their mind.

They defended the findings of their initial investigation and reiterated their commitment to player safety and again made it clear that the strength and conditioning program were properly investigated in the wake of the assault on Cal football player Fabiano Hale and the death of Cal football player Ted Agu.

And for some reason, the California Golden Blogs is mentioned in the statement.

Here is the statement below in its entirety.

The recent series of articles in the San Francisco Chronicle on our football strength and conditioning program bring up a couple of issues from the past - important matters that nobody here has ever minimized or dismissed - but matters that have been properly investigated and adjudicated.
The investigation of football's strength and conditioning program was commissioned by (then) Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance, John Wilton and (former) Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Sandy Barbour, and conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Tanji.
Dr. Tanji is a professional with the highest ethical standards and there is zero evidence to the contrary. The central finding of the Tanji report is absolutely clear: that the strength and conditioning program under Harrington's direction was in no significant respect different from football conditioning programs all over the country. In terms of the safety of the program, what stood out about it was its utter normalcy — a point not mentioned in the Chronicle piece, and also not disputed by it.
Our concern has always been, is, and will continue to be doing what is in the best interest of our student-athletes. The progress our football program has made over the past three years academically and athletically is well documented. The work our kids are doing in the community continues to shine. We are on an upward trajectory — the right trajectory — and we will continue to move in that direction. And, we will no longer allow negative stories that are based on and influenced by the opinion and conjecture of a couple of long-standing critics of intercollegiate athletics at Cal to derail the progress we have made and the positive path forward we are on.
Most importantly, our current student-athletes have spoken. Their voices are clear. They are the ones that should be heard. These are the young men who are in direct contact and impacted by Coach Harrington and Coach Dykes - everyday. Here is an example of what our student-athletes have to say:

After complaints from the Berkeley Faculty Association were raised, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks has ordered a new investigation into the Cal football strength and conditioning program.

Cal fans your thoughts on this statement from Cal Athletics?