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Cal Football Scouting Report: Jordan Veasy

Here's the rundown on one of the newest membersof the Bear Raid.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Franklin and co. dip once again into the JUCO ranks to pluck up and sign sophomore wide receiver, Jordan Veasy. A rising Division I prospect, Veasy has the build of a physical receiver and solid vitals. Here are his ratings from the major recruiting services.

Scouting Ratings

Rivals: 2 stars

24/7 Scout: 3 stars, 21st at his position, 29th in his state

ESPN: No Ranking

Veasy has yet to truly distinguish himself as a top talent, but based on the physical platform he's building on his potential can go through the roof. Listed on Hudl as 6'3" and 215lbs, he recorded a blistering 4.5-second 40 and a 38" vertical, making him a very large passing target.

  • The tape begins at 0:19 and we immediately see how dangerous Veasy can be when his reach and speed is employed. He creates separation from the defender with great feet and handwork off the line. The QB hits him in full stride and he takes it vertical, showcasing speed uncommon at his size.

  • At 0:33 we see the first instance of him running a stop-and-go route, which he runs well. He does a good job tracking the ball and bringing it to his chest once his hands make contact.

  • The play at 1:21 is a display of fantastic route running. He makes his break just as the defender finishes turning the hips, giving him more than enough time to create separation. He also does a fine job of using his body to keep the defender away from the ball and his hands.

  • At 2:25 we get a great look at his ability to track the ball while off balance as well as a display of his length and catching ability.

  • At 3:34 he shows off not only his hands, but also his physicality by catching a ball thrown behind him and driving his feet for a couple extra yards.

  • If it wasn't already clear, Veasy is a very viable deep threat, made all the more dangerous by his ability to track a ball over the shoulder. At 4:04 he does a fantastic job tracking the ball to his outside shoulder, securing the catch with the defender right up against him.

  • At 4:52 we see a bit of his balance as he carries the ball off a quick screen pass. He breaks a number of tackles and continues to drive his feet, turning a play for loss into a 25-yard gain. This play and the one directly following exhibit more of his physicality as a receiver and the difficulty defenders have taking him down in the open field. All that being said, he could do a better job making his running more compact. On a few of those broken tackles the ball becomes exposed, making it much more likely to be fumbled after a well-timed hit.

  • While his size and reach certainly help in downfield blocking, he has trouble keeping the blocks compact. At 6:35 he makes the open field block on the corner but could have been called on holding when his right arm wraps outward as the defender tried to slip past him. That being said, he doesn't shy away from hard contact while blocking, which is critical for larger gains on outside runs.

  • Beginning at 7:47 we see several of his highlights as a kick return specialist. I appreciate that he is always running vertically and with his size and speed he can be likened to a locomotive. However, much like a locomotive, quick turns and agility is not his strong suit, especially at the speeds he's moving at.

  • Finally in the play at 9:50 he exhibits his technique off the line against man coverage. Quick feet and great acceleration off of the jab step combined with handwork prepared for a corner jam give him the space he needs to make that grab off the quick slant.

  • Veasy does have areas in need of improvement, namely his blocking and ball carrying. However, he shows time and again through the tape that he has great hands and a canny sense of how to both track the ball and use his size to his advantage. We unfortunately don't get to see much on his ability to win 50-50 balls in this tape, but with some more training and his base physical verticality, he should be winning those most, if not all of the time. Veasy is a considerable deep threat and his raw talent gives his potential a really high ceiling. He is a welcome addition to the Bear Raid and the Golden Bear family.