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This week on the Bearcast: Cal Football Offensive Preview

A big change took place at the offensive helm this past winter, what impact can coach Spavital have on the 2016 version of the bear raid?

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Only a couple weeks prior to coach Franklin's departure, coach Dykes was on the record expecting to retain his entire coaching staff. If you remove the major departure at offensive coordinator, the Bears return a very experienced coaching unit along with more than a few capable players. There was no bigger surprise this offseason than the arrival of Jake Spavital from Texas A&M, who fills into Tony Franklin's big shoes. The Bears offense last year was just short of elite and many expect the Bears to make another quantum leap come fall. This week on the Bearcast we dive deep into our first offensive preview, explore the former and active Cal athletes heading to Rio and discuss Donovan Frazier's account of the Fabiano Hale incident. Check out the schedule below!

Rio 2016:

  • 42 athlete's and 8 coaches represent the University of California, Berkeley in the summer olympics

Cal Football talk:

  • Ryan Gorcey released a phenomenal piece on Damon Harrington and former walk-on lineman Donovan Frazier
  • Recruiting: Najee Harris dons the Oski beanie
  • First look at the 2016 Cal offense: Who needs to make the biggest leap? Who could possibly redshirt? Scheme: Do we rely a bit more on the running game this season? Pick your surprise contributors


  • Ira Lee names Cal in his top six among Arizona, Oregon, Utah, Kansas and U$C

Questions from fans: What types of plays on offense do you want to see run under Spavital? What types of plays do you not want to see run with this offense? Can we expect at least one trick play per game? Do you guys have a favorite trick play? If yes, what is it?

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