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Cal to give Marshawn Lynch injury cart bobbleheads at Washington game

This is a great day.

Marshawn Lynch Bobblehead
Marshawn Lynch Bobblehead
Cal Athletics

Cal Athetics has come up with perhaps their greatest decision yet. The Marshawn Lynch bobblehead is on its way this fall, ten years after he rode the injury cart all over Memorial Stadium.

Cal will be giving the first 10,000 fans who show up to the Washington game Marshawn Lynch bobblehead dolls. If you remember, back in 2006, with Cal in contention for a Pac-10 title, Beast Mode singlehandedly dragged the Bears to victory over Washington. For those who want a reminder of what Marshawn did post-game.

Cal fans better hurry to get to the game on time! Remember most Washington fans are Seahawk fans too, and I'm sure they'd love a symbol of their beloved Beast Mode.

For those who want to relive the whole sequence of events through the eyes of Cal players, coaches and alumni, here is the ESPN oral history of Marshawn's cart ride that California Golden Blogs contributed to!

Thoughts Cal fans?