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Golden Nuggets: Athlon Sports takes a look at Cal Football's 2016 over/under and why you should take the over

But taking the over is not necessarily that great...

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

So today's Golden Nuggets is going to be a little different from how clpdc has been running this feature... mainly because I still have traumatic memories of getting yelled at by Twist for deviating from his great GN vision. What's the over/under on the number of times that Twist has scolded me? I don't remember, but the over/under for Cal Football wins in 2016 is set at 4 according to South Point Casino and away we segue!

Offense: Things are going to be real different with Jared Goff in the pros. The addition of Davis Webb, a graduate transfer from Texas Tech, should help things out although he'll have to use a rebuilt WR corps that lost 265 catches from last season. There should be several RBs as part of the offense as well.

Defense: The defense allowed more than 450 yards per game in 2015 and that could be around the same this fall. The front four features DeVante Wilson and James Looney. Injuries at safety will greatly test the depth there.

Selection: Slight lean to the over here although I don't love it. Webb's arrival potentially makes the offense a factor, but Cal's defense is still light years behind.

Said Athlon article says Cal going over 4 wins is -135 and under is +110. I have no idea what those numbers mean, so someone who's feeling nice and please explain it to me in the comments.

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