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Stanford Band pleads with Donald Trump to stop using fight song All Right Now during presidential campaign

Oh please don't. Let it continue.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

After one of the darkest speeches in American political history, Republican nominee Donald Trump found the heart of darkness with the right song for the moment.

That's right, the Stanfurd fight song "All Right Now" has become one of the unofficial anthems of the Republican Party heading into the 2016 general election cycle. Trump used that song after the conclusion of his speech on Thursday night, and also used it earlier in the week to promote his vice presidential candidate.

The Stanfurd Band issued a strongly worded statement!

Let's take a look at these ambassadors of virtue.

"Our concern, Don (we're calling you Don, hope that's cool), is that your divisive rhetoric will tarnish the spirit of the song and all that it stands for," the letter continues. "We can certainly admire a good lampooning of the political system (something you've definitely accomplished), but even we can recognize when a joke has gone too far. And believe us, we know a thing or two about taking a joke too far."

Hey, remember when the Stanfurd Band got banned from road games for a year for sexual hazing? That was last year! Or that time they got condemned by the Rose Bowl committee for an awful halftime show? That was this year! (and they got smashed online for it two years before, and three years before)!

Oh you're so clever with your off-kilter jokes LSJUMB.

My favorite part of this letter is the Stanfurd Band willingly conceding that their fight song is trash.

"Also, for the record - the lyrics to ARN are about a dude trying to hook up with a meter maid," the letter said. "Regardless of the upbeat and encouraging nature of the chorus, we don't think that's a message that the 2016 Republican Party really wants to stand behind."

And then we get mentioned! Isn't it neat?

"the reason we play ARN is to bring people together, to put aside differences, and to unite everyone (yes even Kal fans) in mirth and laughter."

We sure do laugh about it, and all of us are definitely united in our feelings on the Stanfurd Band!

We stand behind you here Stanfurd. On one condition. You have to build your own wall during Big Game week that isolates your band from infecting the rest of us. I can't think of a better marriage between the darkest force in our society today joining hands with Donald Trump.

(This is hopefully the first and last time we discuss about Donald Trump. We ask that you refrain from political commentary in our comments section and contain your hatred to where it rightfully belongs--the Stanfurd Band.)