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Former Cal lineman Donovan Frazer gives his own account of Damon Harrington's actions

Hint: It nearly directly contradicts the chronicle article in more than one way

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Cal offensive lineman Donovan Frazer met with Ryan Gorcey at Scout in a much needed article about what exactly happened in 2013-14. If you are not familiar with Frazer, he was on the team for three years including the carry over campaign from Tedford's final season and Dykes not so pleasant debut at Cal. He played in only one game but those around the clubhouse were very much familiar with his presence.

In the article (read the original here), Frazer outlines his version of what exactly took place during the Fabiano Hale incident. Frazer walks through the state of Cal football after Tedford's departure and describes the Bears locker room as "completely fractured". This shouldn't come as a major surprise to any Cal fans as we saw the massive exit from Tedford players unwilling to buy into the new culture Sonny Dykes was attempting to build at Cal.

Frazer goes on to detail how coach Harrington specifically brought a very different workout routine to the program and pressed players harder than their previous strength coach. Without giving away too many key parts of the article, this came to a head on a workout after Halloween night where the team was warned not to show up late or risk a tougher workout. When more than a few players showed up late, that led to a more challenging workout which in turn led to Harrington urging his players to "take control of the team and fix obvious problems". Frazer is quick to acknowledge that the players were adults and in no way were encouraged to assault anyone or Hale for showing up late.

Frazer goes on to also talk about the now infamous "noose drill" which was an offensive drill that the receivers practiced. The name was subsequently changed after a player not involved in the drill complained to the coaching staff about the name.

It is refreshing to see a player willing to put himself out there (especially one who graduated with two degrees from Cal) and go into such detail about the incidents that have been plaguing the program over the last few weeks.