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CGB Hall of Fame: (3) Justin Forsett vs. (7) Conan Liu aka Suppy

Who will advance?

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Justin Forsett Extended Highlights Part 1 (via ronenlish1)

When Marshawn Lynch left for the NFL following the 2006 season, there were some Cal fans who wondered if Justin Forsett cold handle the role of Cal's # 1 running back. Sure, he was great as Lynch's backup and and as a quintessential "change of pace" back during the Beast Mode years, but how would he do as Cal's feature back?

Just fine, thank you very much. Forsett rushed for 1,546 yards and 15 touchdowns as a senior, which led the Pac-10 and tied for the best single-season total in Cal history. On top of all that, Forsett was a second team Pac-10 All-Academic selection. Forsett finished his Cal career with 3,220 rushing yards and was a valued member of teams that won 35 regular season games and three bowl games. These days, he is a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Back in the day, danzig wrote one of the classiest tributes ever on this site, dedicated to Forsett (included in the post are his noted highlighted reels), chock full of emotion and memory. Here's the best of that post.

1) He's a great all-around guy: ALL fans love him. Great work ethic, high character, good morals, never got in trouble and patiently waited behind Marshawn without bitching about it. There are so few heros in life, but he's one of them.
All his life he's been told about the body he doesn't have... the speed he doesn't possess... to accept that he wouldn't go far... and he said to all of them... "F*** that, I don't give a shit what you think!!" (Actually, he probably would've have said, "Excuse me sir, I beg to differ" but...). To make it even more improbable, Ty Willingham yanked his only D-1 scholarship at the last minute, but he still became a star at Cal... I bet Ty is sorry now. His story is downright inspirational and I demand a movie be made about him immediately! Hey Hollywood, cancel that sequel you're about to make and do this instead: The Truth Laid Bear: The Justin Forsett Story. But if it shows up on Lifetime I'm going to F*ing kill you guys.

2) He's the son of a preacher man: And so am I. PKs (pastor's kids) don't have what you would call 'normal' upbringings. Pastors are incredibly strict with their kids because the kids' behavior reflects on the Pastor and the church itself. There are only two varieties of PKs... the ones that grow up to be upstanding role models in their communities and the 'rebels' who embrace all evil (I'm the latter). In short, it's tough to grow up as a PK and PKs the world over have somewhat of a kinship that grows from that. "Genesis says don't be spilling no seed"

3) He's got skillz: Admit it, sometimes when Marshawn was bogging down in a game or fumbling, we all secretly whispered to ourselves, "PUT JUSTIN IN !!!" When announcers said that he could be starting anywhere else in the country... they weren't kidding. He was an outstanding running back with accolades too long to list here. He's got moves and knows when to just run downhill. He's chocked my head full of great game memories...I'll miss him so much...sniff, sniff. (tearing up).

(7) Conan Liu


Suppy is a Zerg player from the United States who obtained regional success in Brood War. He is currently a college student at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the head coordinator and ace for the school's Collegiate StarLeague team.

In 2007, then known as Superiorwolf, Suppy took up commentating and became the first YouTube commentator for Brood War.[1] However, his lack of knowledge and high-pitched voice were highly ridiculed,[2] inciting several others to take up commentating, including Klazart, Diggity, and moletrap. He has a colorful history on TeamLiquid for being known as the prepubescent commentator. He participated in the TeamLiquid Attack #1 and #2, taking out iNcontroL and winning the mousepad award,[3] then losing to IdrA in the subsequent TeamLiquid Attack.[4] During the TeamLiquid Attacks, he was affectionately referred to as "not your average wolf", "Inferiorwolf", "Superiorerwolf", etc. For these reasons, his TLPD picture is one of a young boy in a wolf costume.[5]

Suppy has attended many local LANs since 2007, including UC Berkeley AAA's LAN B4 Time. In 2009, during an internship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, Suppy organized his first LAN, the Washington D.C. Area LAN #1. The community at Washington D.C. was extremely enthusiastic and has been thriving ever since, going on to become one of the strongest StarCraft communities in the United States today. Thereafter, Suppy began to organize Bay Area TeamLiquid LANs (BATLLs) in Berkeley, California. The 9th BATLL was held in February 2012.

On October 20, 2013, Evil Geniuses announced that Suppy had committed full-time to professional StarCraft for the next year.