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Jahvid Best is an Olympian, named to St. Lucia Olympic track team

Go Jahvid!

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Jahvid Best sports story is getting that fairy tale twist. The Jet is going to Rio!

Jahvid qualified for the Olympics as a member of the St. Lucia track and field team, and will compete in the 100 meter dash. Best qualified by running a 10.16 second sprint from an April meet in San Diego, which is the minimum qualifying speed needed. Best's father hails from St. Lucia, for those wondering how he ended up on the St. Lucia team.

According to NBC, Best is the first player with prior NFL experience to qualify for the Summer Games.

What a legacy Ron Gould has now. The Bears can now claim three Super Bowl champs in three straight years in Marshawn Lynch, Shane Vereen and C.J. Anderson, another NFL starter in Justin Forsett, and now the first ever Olympian with NFL experience. That's quite a decade of work you've put together Coach.