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Cal predicted to finish 5th in Pac-12 North in media preseason poll


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With Jared Goff and a host of Cal's offensive weapons gone for the 2016 season, the expectations are the opposite of high for the Bears. The Pac-12 media reflected that lethargy, as the Bears were predicted for a 5th place finish in their division, placing them only ahead of Oregon State.

Stanford was predicted to win the Pac-12 North and the conference altogether by the media. Luckily, the media has been scattershot in their overall projections, only predicting the winner of the conference correctly 29 of the last 55 times. Stanford was followed by Washington, then Oregon, then Washington State in the north.

On the other side, UCLA narrowly edges out USC for first in the South, with Utah third. Then Arizona and Arizona State went 4th and 5th respectively, followed by Colorado.

Cal finished 4th in the Pac-12 North in 2015 with a 4-5 record in-conference.

Here is the full results of the media poll. Cal fans, your thoughts on this poll?

North Division South Division
1. Stanford (24) 186 1. UCLA (19) 180
2. Washington (8) 163 2. USC (12) 173
3. Oregon (1) 132 3. Utah (2) 127
4. Washington State 112 4. Arizona 87
5. California 67 5. Arizona State 85
6. Oregon State 33 6. Colorado 63

PAC-12 TITLE GAME CHAMPION: Stanford (20 votes)

Others receiving votes: USC (5), Washington (4), UCLA (3), Utah (1)