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Cal Men's Basketball Scouting Report: Charlie Moore

It was on. Then a Coach left. It was off. Then a Coach left. And now? It's On.

The Number 1 Point Guard in the state of Illinois for 2016 committed to Cal late, so let's take a look at what he brings to the Bears!

*Did anyone else think his voice-over in the beginning sounds exactly like Steph Curry?*

Here are the basics:

Name: Charlie Moore

Position: Point Guard

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 Lbs

High School/AAU: Morgan Park HS / Mac Irvin Fire

Rating: 4-Stars (ESPN, Rivals, Scout) (Consensus #1 PG in Illinois)


  • Highly Consistent Shooter - May I remind everyone of another great Cal PG that was from Illinois? Hello Jerome Randle! Now back to Charlie. His shooting form places the ball in front of his face which is something that might need to be fixed. He does shoot it with that form consistently and does not fluctuate the placement of either arm during his shot. Its hard to judge how far his range of shooting might be, but from the tape he hits a couple of really deep 3-pointers.
  • Passing & Vision - Whether it was from drive & kicks, wrap-around passes, full court outlet passes, alley-oops, lead-in passes on the wing, Charlie is seen making every one of those passes and has a knack for finding the open man despite having the ability to score himself. He sees the open guy and is able to direct the flow of passes, but that doesn't come unless he has the vision to see how a defense will react and keeping an eye out for the open man.
  • Off-Ball Defense - Charlie is very adept at reading opposing offenses and jumping the passing lanes. Judging from the tape, he does not over-gamble on steal attempts and chooses his opportunities wisely. He uses these opportunities along with his passing ability and vision to be able to hit guys across the court for easy transition buckets or to lead the fast break himself.
  • Finisher In The Paint - Charlie Moore is an adept scorer in the paint particularly off the PnR and in transition. He has a soft touch to figure roll the ball in but can also use the high glass to beat weak side shot blockers. He can finish through contact, and also uses a euro-step/swim-move to beat defenders after he picks up his dribble on the way to the basket.
  • Ball-handling - Charlie is an excellent ball-handler and is skilled enough to dribble out of any double-team or trap. He does not over-dribble like a lot of primary ball-handlers do and is always eager to make a pass to move the defense. He is able to dribble effectively with either hand and is very comfortable wherever the ball is around him.


  • Size - Charlie has great speed and change of pace, but his explosiveness and size might be a downside to his potential. He's as fierce a competitor as they come, but it'll be interesting to see how he plays against the taller guards in the PAC-12. One added dimension of this is his shooting form. Charlie sets from his chest or face instead of shooting over his head, whether he can develop a quicker trigger or if his form will result in tougher contested jumpers will be a point of interest going forward.
  • Floor General Skills - Charlie can create for himself and for others, but can he direct the entire team and orchestrate a flowing offense? With the hiring of Coach Tim O'Toole, the team will be getting a lot more X's and O's headed their way and it'll be key for I'm to learn and develop his directing and understanding of game plans and plays and not playing purely off of instinct.

Charlie fills a position of need and offers something the Bears have not had since the likes of Randle and Cobbs. Whenever he gets on the floor, he will be a solid player and could develop into a beloved point guard at Haas pavilion like other before him. Haas Pavilion has an affinity toward their point guards and I believe Charlie Moore is next in line in the long lineage of great players who were fan favorites.

California Love. California Rising.