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Cal football recruiting: Bears makes Cam Akers' Top 10

Can Cal land a five-star player two years in a row? It recently cracked the top 10 of five-star running back Cam Akers.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Akers, the number two running back in the 2017 recruiting class, put Cal in his top 10, along with Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. The five-star back can flat-out run, as he clocked in a 4.44 40-yard dash. Additionally, he has good size at 5-11.5, 212 pounds.

Clearly this recruiting battle will be extremely tough, as Cal is the only west coast school, but Jacob Peeler has had tons of success in the state of Mississippi. Nonetheless, drawing a blue-chip recruit from the East will be no easy task.

How he will fit in the Bear Raid:

In Dykes' offensive system, versatility is extremely important. At Cal, Akers would have to pass block, run, and catch passes out of the backfield. Akers has the potential to be an exciting back in the offense, as he has all of tools to be one of the best running backs in the Pac-12 and could put up some huge numbers in the Bear Raid.

You have to figure that with his frame and explosiveness, Akers could thrive in an offense that would get him in open space. Akers is hard to bring down, and in Cal's offense, a couple broken tackles could potentially lead to a huge gain.

Main Competitors:

It is generally assumed when you have 10 teams on your list, you probably have a lot of thinking to do before you arrive at your decision. As of now, the teams currently in the lead seem to be Ole Miss, Ohio State, and Georgia. However, there is still plenty of time in the 2017 recruiting cycle, and Cal has plenty to sell with its up-tempo offense, prime location, and excellent academics.