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Cal fans, what are your feelings on Davis Webb transferring to the Bears?

Is this a positive or a negative development?

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

HydroTech: Part of me thinks that Dykes accepting him onto the team means Dykes doesn't believe we have a suitable QB on the roster. That's hard to believe but that's the natural inference. On the other hand we could have a suitable QB on the roster already and Dykes doesn't mind having an experienced QB to be a backup in case our starting QB gets injured. I don't think it's ever a bad thing to have a lot of good QBs on the roster. Overall, I'm okay with the situation. I just hope that Webb's arrival doesn't cause one of our younger and talented QBs to transfer.

boomtho: I posted this on the DBD (that cesspool of insider jokes and political slapfights), but I'm actually not a huge fan of Dykes bringing Webb in. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about selling kids (e.g., Gilliam) on a given basis of competition, then changing the playing field doesn't feel right.

Nik Jam: I felt like the Cal football team was gonna surprise people offensively and be a very good squad before this, and I still believe it now. (The lack of LBs will still make a special season unlikely)

Like everyone else said, this could be seen as a vote of no confidence in who we already have but I doubt it because from what ive seen our QBs look good, and all but Kline will continue to improve and will be around (knock on wood) in 2017.

KWBears: This Webb addition honestly makes me question my own Cal football ideologies (mostly probably because we're in the middle of the offseason and there's a lot more time to think about these things before reacting). I am generally a win-at-most-costs kind of fan, which honestly gets me pretty frustrated when Cal athletics get limited by our higher academic standards. But, I also believe in loyalty and integrity. This Webb addition screams of betrayal to the highly-touted QBs that we already have on the roster. I'd hate to screw these guys over like we did to Kline when Goff came in. These kids aren't just chips that we can play around with and toss aside if something better comes along - if we lead them to believe that Cal is a place where they can realize their football dreams, we have to give them that opportunity. Bringing in the next shiny thing, to me, is in poor taste. [Which is the exact reason why I hate the grad transfer rule - it's a cop-out for coaches to poach kids that other coaches did the dirty work for them on.]

LeonPowe: Maybe I'm naive (how many roundtable questions have i started that way) but honestly, I don't see this as anything more than Sonny wanting to win as many games as he can next year, and thinking that Webb gives him the chance to do this. If he doesn't win next season, he might not get a chance to win down the road with Forrest, Gilliam, Bowers, etc. So he needs to figure out who will give him the best chance next season.

Others might see it as a lack of confidence in the current QBs, I see it much more as having confidence in Webb. It could probably be both.

Berkelium97: I disagree with the idea that the bringing in Webb is somehow disloyal or unfair to the existing QBs. These QBs should come into the program knowing that each year will bring a new QB competition to determine who is the best QB on the roster. Whether it's a hotshot 5-star true freshman or a grad transfer, anyone can come into the program at any time and unseat the current QB, no matter how long that QB has been with the program. The starting position--any position--is not earned by experience or loyalty. It is earned by being the best position player on the team. Any player discouraged by additional competition at a given position should probably not be playing football at this level.