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Cal Basketball Roundtable: How will you remember Jaylen Brown?

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CGB's feelings on Jaylen Brown's freshman year.

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What are your feelings regarding Jaylen Brown's spectacular freshman campaign at Cal?

Nik Jam: While it's a shame it didn't result a deep postseason run, I think Jaylen will be looked at very fondly by Cal fans, especially if he becomes a star in the NBA. We still had great moments—including a perfect home season—and made Cal a program that should continue to get solid recruits.

A.W. Johnston: I am grateful I was able to watch Jaylen grow over the past year. Pac-12 freshman of the year, undefeated at home, and our best seed ever in the tournament. What a list of accomplishments. Watching him on the court was a pleasure but the way he carried himself off the court was most impressive. Very excited about him being a Cal ambassador at the next level.

KWBears: While Brown's only year was pretty awesome, I find it hard to believe that it will go down as anything more than a (slightly bigger than normal) blip in Cal basketball history. Anyone could argue that Jason Kidd's one year at Cal was infinitely more memorable than Brown's. Brown's lasting legacy will be what he does in the pros and for the communities that he wants to serve—not what he did at Cal for this past year. That's what I find unfortunate. It was almost a year wasted with us fizzing out at the end and all the drama/implosion that happened with the team in March. I believe we also have yet to see Brown's get for Cal pay off in terms of attracting major recruits—if anything, they're leaving us (that could be conflated with Coach Martin's contract issues, I understand that too).

LeonPowe: @KWBears: that's a really unfair comparison—seeing as how Jason was here for two years—so that's double the games in which to do something spectacular. I mean is it really that much more memorable, if you can't remember how many years he was here? (I kid.) If we're only remembering Jason's last year, his also ended with a loss in the NCAA tournament to a lower seed (the dreaded 5–12 upset) where he played terribly against a beatable Wisconsin Green-Bay team. I wonder if the balance of Jason's career is coloring your view—if Jaylen ends up being a top-5 historical small forward (I put Jason behind Magic, Stockton and Isiah.) AND with the distance of time, the faults will seem a lot less fault-ier. I mean, with Kidd (and Lamond Murray) we lost to JMU and . . .Cornell (?). People forget that since those games weren't televised and it's been 23 years. As for Jaylen, I think people tend to focus on his shortcomings as a player. Me? I like to take the positive view of things. We haven't had an athlete like him play for Cal ever. He pretty much demolished the Cal top-ten dunk list (I personally have only two non Jaylen dunks left—Monty Buckley against Stanfurd and Ed Gray in Harmon his junior year). More than that, his coachability, willingness to learn, humility, and his attention to school have quickly made him one of my favorite student athletes to ever play at Cal.

boomtho: My thoughts on Jaylen are complicated—tons of gratitude we got to watch an athlete and student of Jaylen's caliber play for the Golden Bears, but a good amount of disappointment that Jaylen and the team never played up to their potential for consistent enough stretches to make a dent nationally. I'll have very fond memories of Jaylen (especially his highlight-reel dunks), but don't know if I'll ever be able to shake the feeling he could have done so much more. I think Jaylen is going to have a nice career in the NBA—not a superstar, but solid role player for a long time. And I'm definitely excited to watch him grow into that!

Ruey Yen: "What ifs" are probably what I would associate with the 2015–16 Cal Men's Basketball season a.k.a. our one year with Jaylen Brown. Now, my main "what if" is not what would happen if Jaylen has decided to return to Cal for his sophomore year. Instead, my "what if" is how far the Cal NCAA run would have gone if Tyrone Wallace and Jabari Bird were also healthy and playing in that Hawaii game and beyond.

Since I do believe that he's got the talent and the proper attitude to be a glorified "all-star" (like a Russell Westbrook in the eyes of Mark Cuban) in the NBA (and use his stardom to achieve other goods), we will likely look back on this year and wonder why this Cal team didn't end up doing more (no regular season or conference tournament title, one and done in the NCAA tournament), akin to what people feel about the Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson era (I know that Desean and Rodgers didn't overlap).

Nevertheless, I think CGB will continue to follow happily Jaylen's achievements in the next level and constantly remind the world that yes, Jaylen Brown came to Cal...even if it was only for an year.

benwemer: I have the utmost respect and love for Jaylen Brown. Coming to Cal being that highly touted and being one of the most humble and studious kids is an honor to watch. Watching him play with so much athleticism and explosion was truly a gift, so I thank him for that. Although Jaylen has parts of his game that he'll need to improve to be a solid contributor in the league, I have faith that he'll get it done. As for this season, I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I was disappointed. However, I am proud of this team for all their accomplishments. I will always wonder what could have been, but I don't like to think of the "what ifs". To Jaylen, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and may you win many rings in the NBA.