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Cal football players defend strength coach Damon Harrington from Chronicle accusations

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Here's the other side.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After the San Francisco Chronicle piece about Cal strength coach Damon Harrington was published yesterday, football players past and present were quick to jump to his defense. Players past and present defended Harrington's conduct and were quick to highlight the positives of his conditioning program and their positive relationship with him as a coach.

The Chronicle did not interview any players currently present on the team for their piece on Harrington. Here's a sample of some of the statements from Cal players who have endured Harrington's regimen.

Chase Forrest

Luke Rubenzer

Ray Hudson

Vic Enwere

Aaron Cochran

Donovan Frazer (graduated from program)

Bryce Treggs

Matt Rockett

Michael Barton (transferred from the program)

Most of the Cal players mentioned or quoted in the story (quarterback Joey Mahalic, cornerback Trey Cheek, defensive lineman Gabe King) are no longer with the football team.