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Cal Football alumnus Kyle Kragen signs with Broncos: Q&A with Mile High Report

We chat with Tim Lynch of Mile High Report about Kyle Kragen, whose odds with the Broncos may be looking slim.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos decided to roll the dice and release the Kragen! John El-Neigh decided to sign Kyle Kragen, the son of a legendary Bronco, Greg Kragen.

We hooked up with Tim Lynch of the Mile High Report to discuss Kragen's chances of making the final roster. Spoiler alert: they're marginally better than my chances of making the Broncos roster.

1. How does the depth chart look at linebacker? Is there a dire need to upgrade at that position or is your team pretty stacked?

Tim Lynch (TL): At the OLB position, which looks to be Kyle Kragen's position, the Denver Broncos are LOADED. Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Shane Ray and Shaquil Barrett are all great or very good pass rushers. Kragen's only chance with this team is to find a way to add some serious bulk to compete for a 3-4 defensive end position.

2. What kind of skill set do your coaches look for at linebacker?

TL: They want elite quickness and speed. Miller and Ware are obviously fantastic on both counts, but I also believe Ray and Barrett would be quality starters on any other team. It is unlikely Kragen would ever see playing time at the linebacker position in Denver.

3. What role does the linebacker play in the Broncos' scheme?

TL: They are destroyers of quarterbacks.

4. Have the fans had much of a response to signing Kragen or is he not even on most fans' radars?

TL: Most probably didn't even know he existed until signed, but he is clearly a sentimental favorite. I think most of us realize that he is going to be a huge longshot to make the roster, even on the practice squad.

5. What is your evaluation of Kragen?

TL: He is a "tweener". Not quite athletic enough to play linebacker in the NFL and not big enough to play defensive line like his father.

6. Is there any early indication or do you have a guess if Kragen has a chance at making the Broncos roster?

TL: Early indication is that Kragen will be out of the NFL by end of preseason. He would need to really show the coaching staff something during OTAs and training camp to even grab a spot on the practice squad. He may need to play Canadian football for a bit and see if he can bulk up some.

7. Kyle's father, Greg, was a Bronco for nine seasons, playing on the defensive line where Kyle might be playing. What are Broncos fans thoughts on Kragen the Older?

TL: Greg Kragen, for fans who are old enough to remember, is a true Bronco. He played and overachieved for nine seasons and was part of some pretty good Broncos defenses in the 80s and early 90s.

8. C.J. Anderson is also an undrafted Cal guy who can probably talk to Kragen for advice on impressing the coaches to make the roster. Has Anderson earned the love of the Denver fans for helping them win a Super Bowl?

TL: We love C.J., but we also don't trust him on the field yet. He has the ability to take over games for the Broncos, but he also disappears from them. I'll use the Super Bowl as a case in point on that. During the opening drive that led the Broncos to the first three points of the game, C.J. was tearing it up. Then, he got tired or whatever and took himself out down in the red zone. In came Ronnie Hillman and he helped the team to a stalled drive and field goal attempt. I think back to Terrell Davis in the late 90s and in the Super Bowl—he didn't pull himself from the lineup. Ever. Sure, he was injured for a quarter, but he never pulled himself from the biggest game of the year. I hope to see C.J. grow into a mentality of putting the team on his shoulders when they need him too.


Thanks to Tim for providing great (albeit, pessimistic) answers about Kyle Kragen. Kragen's whole journey has relied on his hard work, so let's hope he's able to prove his worth to an NFL team somewhere. Be sure to check out Tim (@TimLynch1978) and Mile High Report (@MileHighReport) for all the latest on Kragen and Anderson.