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Cal basketball cancels Gonzaga home-and-home series

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Kind of expected.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears will no longer have to worry about facing Jordan Mathews. CBS Sports reports that Cal vs. Gonzaga is off. Both the home and away games will be cancelled.

I have no idea why the Cal vs. Gonzaga series was cancelled, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Mathews transfer left a bitter taste on Cal's side and they just wanted to disentangle themselves from that situation as quickly as possible. Gonzaga would have been a good quality out of conference opponent, but it would have been a tough go to beat Gonzaga on the road in Spokane this year, and I can't imagine that a matchup between Mathews and his former teammates going swimmingly for either side.

Just a note: Gonzaga will be replacing Cal with San Diego State. Cal will not be replacing Gonzaga with San Diego State. The Bears have an additional hole in their schedule they'll have to fill.

Cal fans, your thoughts?