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What's your unpopular opinion about Cal Football?

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Let's fire up some controversy.

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Nam Le: USC is the most important regular season win.

I was built for this.

Nik Jam: I don't know which is more of a consensus, Sonny hate or Sonny love, so I'll skip that subject. Because of Cal needing the money, I'm in favor of more games at Santa Clara's Levis Stadium, but that doesn't really mean I'd actually go to them.

And I like the day games over the night games.

HydroTech: I care more about beating USC than Stanford.

Leland Wong: A lot of fans clamor for the old-school uniforms that are gold numbers (possibly with white outlines) on plain blue jerseys with solid pants. These uniforms are woefully boring and I hope we never go back to them. I'm not saying we have to go full Oregon or Maryland--I actually actively hope we don't go that extreme either--but there should be some design or accent that distinguishes our gear from something you picked up at Big 5 because it left you enough money to buy the pizzas for the rest of your rec-league team.

TwistNHook: With a #1 draft pick, we should have won more than 8 games


Ragnarok: Uniform/fashion discussions are silly, and I really couldn't care what our football team is wearing as long as it's blue, gold, and has "Cal" or a picture of a bear on it somewhere.

We were all smart and talented before we got to Cal, so while I love the institution, can we get over the notion of applying all of the credit for someone's successes in life to their alma mater? And if DeSean Jackson wants to give a shout-out to his elementary school P.E. teacher on Monday Night Football, I couldn't care less.

OK, I'm done. I'll go back in my corner now.

Sam Fielder: OH THIS 100%. I really don't care at all who Aaron Rodgers reps on his SNF/MNF intro. It's cool if he says Cal, but if he says Butte or whatever, that's cool too.