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What do you feel Cal basketball will look like now next season?

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Rabb back, Mathews gone, Mullins transferring in, Charlie Moore in town. What do we expect to see next season?

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boomtho: I would have always answered that we would (hopefully!) be more Rabb centric, using his variety of skills as an elbow/post facilitator, wing screener, and release valve. Mathews leaving probably makes this a little bit harder, since we're replacing a floor spacer with likely a bit more of a ball-dominant combo guard in Mullins or Moore. The team will still continue to be driven from the defensive end, I would guess the offense would just involve a bit more PNR and a bit less post+off-ball movement/screens to free shooters. I will admit I put about 60s of thought into this question, so take everything I said with appropriate skepticism.

I also think Mathews leaving creates a giant leadership hole that someone needs to fill. Jabari hasn't been that guy (but could definitely grow into it!), so whether it's Rabb, Singer, Jabari, or someone else, we'll have a new leadership voice on the team.

A.W: I guess the bright side here is we could have a very different looking team which could either be a good thing or obviously be a bad thing. I expect Grant Mullins to provide the stretch option if Rabb gets doubled down low and I am hoping that Charlie Moore can continue to score the way he did in high school. Bird and Rabb have to make the next step for this team to compete the same way we did last year.

Rob Hwang: Oh man. Next season. Is it weird to say I'm cautiously optimistic that this team actually might be really good? I think we're a "fly under the radar" team despite the seniors and THE RETURN OF IVAN. Getting Charlie Moore was a late cycle coup. And that only sets the stage for what should be a stellar 2017 class. 16-17 will be good and might be better since the team won't have the expectations the media put on them for 15-16 looming over them.

mpeters10: Good thing we brought in Grant Mullins, eh? Losing Matthews hurts our depth, but we are still good enough to have a nice season and have a go at the tournament again. I'm hopeful Rabb can become a larger part of the game plan offensively and pick up some of the stats we're losing with Matthews leaving. Mullins should be able to provide 3 - point shooting in an attempt to make up for his departure as well. The team is still talented, but losing Matthews hurts.