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This week on the Bearcast: Mathews departs, will Marcus Lee arrive?

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We take a deep dive into both NBA basketball news and Cal basketball news with the sudden departure of Jordan Mathews. We also explore the rough evening schedule for Cal football and welcome yet another new recruit to the program!

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There are things that make you step back and appreciate what you have in this world and sadly an incident reminded us of that at UCLA this week. All jokes aside about our baby brothers, we are united as a family of California and our thoughts as well as prayers are with those at UCLA.

This week on the Bearcast we take a deeper look at Cal football's upcoming schedule (hint: it is a lot of night games) and we talk in depth about the Warriors remarkable comeback against OKC. Rob dives deep into the Jordan Mathews departure and explains Tim O'Toole's potential impact on the program. Catch the schedule below:

  • Cal Football Offseason Talk: 2016 Season Games (about half the year). Hawaii, 7pm, San Diego State 7:30pm, Texas 7:30pm, Oregon 7:30pm and USC 7:30pm.
  • Recruiting: Welcome another Jaylen! OLB from Rome, Georgia. Welcome Gabe Siemieniec from Canada, eh?
  • Basketball updates: Jordan Mathews graduates in three years and likely heads to Gonzaga. Marcus Lee comes and goes without a commitment. Cal offers Ira Lee AAU teammate Juhwan Harris-Dyson and teammate of Cal commit Jemarl Baker.
  • Baseball: Sadly, we didn't make the college world series .
  • Questions from fans! With the addition of Tim O'Toole, what next steps will we see in Cal basketball? How much do you know about Tate Martell and his character? Who is going to score next season!? Will Rabb get 30 shots a game!?
As always take a listen below, subscribe on iTunes, follow us on Soundcloud and GO BEARS!