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Mel Kiper: Cal transfer QB Davis Webb No. 1 projected senior in NFL Draft

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Well now.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft provided Cal with the number one overall pick for the Bears for the first time in four decades. Could they potentially get another first round quarterback in 2017?

If Davis Webb goes on to win the starting job for Cal this fall, it's very likely he could be Cal's second straight quarterback drafted in two years. Mel Kiper likes him a lot, ranking him as his top senior signal-caller.

Webb in particular has an NFL skill set and is a player NFL teams will watch closely. He could thrive in the draft process.

It goes to show you how the Air Raid is the new deal in the pro ranks. Almost every modern offense is running some variant of Air Raid principles, whether it be ditching traditional tight ends for physical inside receivers, the quick tempo to pace the offense, the all shotgun approach, etc. etc. More of those techniques are being utilized regularly.

Cal fans, take a look at Webb's tape. What do you see that would make him a good NFL prospect? Do you think Cal could have two straight quarterbacks drafted in two years if Webb wins the job?