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What are your feelings on Jordan Mathews transferring from Cal?

Sad? Happy? Let's hear it all.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

boomtho: I'm happy for Jordan, but sad for Cal. It's really impressive that Jordan was able to graduate in there years and gain admittance to graduate school while being a high-level Pac-12 player, so hat's off to him. He's also been a model teammate, great leader, and fantastic representative of the university, so he's done more than you could expect from a fan's perspective.

However, I'm naturally sad that he's leaving Cal. He was probably my second favorite player on the team last year, after Ivan, and I would have loved watching him trying to push the team even further his senior year. He would have had a chance to go top-10 in the Pac-12 for all time 3P made, which would have been cool. And the team would have been certainly better off with his shooting, defensive ability, and overall intelligence.

A.W: Super proud of Jordan Matthews, transfers are tough but he graduated in three years and is getting a masters. Regardless if he chooses basketball, he will be very well set up for a successful career.

There was a point last night on the podcast where Rob and I were discussing where we would get our points from next year and the list after Jabari or Rabb is non-existent. I have a few concerns about who will fill that role but couldn't be more proud of Jordan and what he accomplished at Cal

Rob Hwang: The fact is the man graduated from the number 1 public university in the world and played his heart out at Haas Pavilion. You can't ask for more from a player that stuck with us through the rough times. He improved every season and became what we expect from a Golden Bear athlete.

mpeters10: I was disappointed to see that Jordan Matthews was transferring because I was really looking forward to seeing the team come back (minus Jaylen and Ty) and make another go at a tournament run. That can still happen, but it's a bit more difficult without Matthews. It's unfortunate that his Cal career ended with a first round upset to Hawaii, but he played his heart out in that game and almost single-handedly kept us in it. A bitter sweet end, but I'll always remember him as a great Bear.