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Cal Monday Thoughts: Basketball recruiting never ends, does it?

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Hey, remember when the spring signing period started in mid-April? Clearly dates have no meaning any more.

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I mentioned Mi'Cole Cayton as a critical target when discussing Gabby Green's surprising transfer. Cayton was only available because she was released from her commitment to Nebraska after head coach Connie Yori 'resigned' due to an investigation into alleged player mistreatment. Unexpectedly, a Northern California 4 star guard needed a new school at the same time the Bears needed a guard. Talk about a perfect marriage of circumstance! She committed and signed last week, and quite possibly might jump directly into Cal's starting lineup to replace Gabby Green.

Cayton is ranked in or near to the top 100 by the various recruiting services, and her scouting report very much fits with what you typically read about a Cal WBB recruit:

Athletic combo-guard with flamboyant persona delivers in uptempo, pressure game; active in passing lanes, converts from turnovers; handles and attacks in transition game; penetrates and finishes complemented by mid-range game creativity to the arc.

When Cal lost out on Ionescu (who, for reasons unknown to me, still has yet to pick between Oregon and Washington) I was worried that the Bears would have to reach for a developmental prospect just to field a vaguely complete roster. But Cayton's availability was a stroke of luck for a program that hasn't had a ton of it over the last year and a half.

Cal is still in a fragile situation in terms of depth, and health will be a critical factor next year. But having a player who can give Asha Thomas occasional breathers and to keep a 2nd ball-handler on the court is a critical addition.

Welcome to Cal Mi'Cole!

Marcus Lee commits to Cal

If you had asked me if I would have traded Jordan Mathews' senior season for Marcus Lee's senior season, I wouldn't have pulled the trigger. Not because I don't think Lee will be a significantly impactful player . . . but I wanted Jordan around to push Cal over the top in 2016-17, rather than a player to help out in what might be a bit of a rebuilding year. That and I wanted to see JMat finish out his 4 years of eligibility at cal, and make a run at Jerome Randle, who for my money still holds the 'Best 3 point shooter in program history' belt, if only for pure volume and degree of difficulty.

But what's done is done, at least from our end. And as I wrote a few weeks back, Marcus Lee will be immensely valuable in (presumably) replacing the production and presence of Ivan Rabb. Beating out Washington for his services makes it all the better. Welcome to Cal, Marcus!

I didn't think I'd be updating the 2016-17 part of this chart, but here we are a few weeks later needing an update. Dammit.


Assuming Ivan declares, that's 4 open slots for 2017-18, and a bit more class balance. Cal will almost certainly again be a player in the transfer market next year, graduate or otherwise.

I wonder how many desperate phone calls Jordan got from coaches all around the country? Do you suppose that Lorenzo Romar sent him flowers?

Around the Pac-12

In which we find random news impacting conference-mates. Hopefully the kind that allows us to shamelessly laugh at them.

I'm just glad we're not the only ones dealing with this issue

The administrative side at Washington State isn't particularly pleased how the athletic side has been budgeting for new buildings, and the failure of the Pac-12 network to bring in predicted revenue might be part of the problem. I can't remember, was our athletic deficit as big as 13 million?

Meanwhile, Washington has a deficit of nearly 15 million, so I guess this isn't an isolated problem. Hooray for Cal's (current) (relative) (god I hope) fiscal stability!!!

Go overseas young man!

5 star Arizona basketball commit Terrance Ferguson is reportedly considering going pro straight out of high school by heading overseas. I personally think it's a brilliant idea - working and living in a different country is a great way to expand the mind and body with new challenges. I'm certainly not motivated with the thought that Arizona would lose the talents of the nation's 2nd best shooting guard recruit.

The Wildcats will have to suffer through signing only 3 different 5 star players if Ferguson goes pro.

Good/Bad Pac-12 Network news

If you're a standard Comcast subscriber, you'll now be getting the Pac-12 Network proper rather than Pac-12 Bay Area. That means that, unlike last year, you'll get Pac-12 games from all over the conference rather than endless reruns of Cal games you already watched.

The bad news is you'll miss out on Olympic sports aired only on the regional channels. Comcast would very much like to you to give them a call about paying more $$$ so that they can give you both channels. Please help this struggling company make ends meet.

I for one welcome our new Asian Overlords

Step one: Larry Scott coyly smile at Asia

Step two: Send a bunch of administrators to Asia firmly shake hands with rich Asian people

Step three: Spend a bunch of money?

Step four: ????

Step five: Asian people will give the Pac-12 tons of money!!!!